Sugar rush samintha sprinkletart by samaimurai-d5lk2yp

Samintha Sprinkletart is a handsome girl and the most beautiful racer in whole Sugar Rush. Her hobbies are access the Sugarnet and go to the Mall. Her best ability are the Explosive Cupcakes. Her candy themes are cupcakes, sprinkles,neapolitan ice cream and mints. Her kart signature is the Sprinkart. This page has been created by the user Toffetia123, but the credits goes to the Deviantart user SamaiMurai.


Samintha is also the cutest racer in Sugar Rush too. She has a famous family too. Her father is the most famous Go Kart designer and her mother is the most famous actress in Sugar Rush. Samitha is very proud and independent too. To her, the world isn't too small or big. She and Vanellope are best friends. She also has a great ability to drawing. She a great artitst too.


Speed: 90%

Handling: 50%

Sweetness: 80%


  • Her name would be "Spearmindy Spreeng-O-Pie"
  • Her fans are antropomorphic cupcakes
  • Her plush is neapolitan scented


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese Samenta Torta De Framboesa From "menta" (mint) and "torta de framboesa" (raspberry pie)
Russian Сладорулeттий Кропишокка From "сладкий" (sweet) united with "рулет" (roll or swiss roll) and "кропить" (sprinkle) united with "шоколад" (chocolate)
French Narcisse Granuléetaine From "gralunée" (sprinkle) united with "napolitaine" (neapolitan)

サミンータ スプリンクルタルト

Samin̄ta supurinkurutaruto

From English name

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