Samson Popsinclair A.K.A. Pops is a new racer from Sugar Rush. His theme is Popsicle. 

Pops by Pikabear900


Pops wears a white popsicle themed jacket and pants. Brown shoes, he also wears a red racing helmet with dark lenses. Inside his helmet is a terrifying face.


Pops has great deal of respect for everybody, though he is ocasionally frustrated by bullies. Due to two errors during his creation he became mute, while the latter he got a terrifying face. Pops's face is so horrifying and hideous that no being in the known video game universe can look at it without adverse effects, including fear, sickness, or even madness. Which is why he always wear his helmet, unless he really intends to scare bullies away when frustrated. However his only known weakness is that he can be terrified by his own face if he looks in the mirror.

He also has some sense of honor, though somewhat misplaced, he communicate with his friends either by sign language or writing something on his mini notebook. He spends most of his time by himself, usually meditating or reading one of his numerous books and he hates his full name and often introduces himself as "Pops". He and Popcillia are bitter enemies, due that she thinks he's copying her theme, which often results of him scaring her away. Pops is often portrayed as the most mature Sugar Rush character despite his age, often giving his own advice to the others about various subjects, and generally staying cool and calm, even in desperate situations.

Pops is known to sometimes be shocked at trivial things. Despite his seemingly quiet attitude, Pops does indeed care greatly about the people he is attached to. He is the most inteligent, studious and rather level-headed Sugar Rush character and will readily admit to being in over his head-at least by his actions. He can lose his temper easily, most of the time, with bullies. Finally, there are many instances where Pops is portrayed as the most understanding friend among the Sugar Rush characters.


  • Pikabear900 made Pops's picture on Tek Tek Dream Avatar.
  • He's the most quiet racer, this is due that he's mute.
  • He's also the only known stoic Sugar Rush Racer.
  • Pops has a secret crush on Solera Calippona.

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