Sandra Calippona is Solera Calippona's little sister and Stella Calippona's older sister. 


Sandra is into boys and always wants to be dating,as she has said to Stella before If I am not dating a boy at ANY period of time,you MUST help me find another one! she is addicted to boy popstars and boy bands like One Creamection and Bruno Mars-Bar.

About Sandra

Sandra was a victim of Fantasmicia Orangey's murders and evilness.Solera and Stella missed their dead sibling and in the end,Stell and Solera found Sandra's old bed room and read Sandra's texts and diary.In Sandra's diary,it said Fantasmicia Orangey keeps on staring at me,but- OH NO! she is coming up to my bed room window right now with a weapon! after that there was a pen-line dragged and drawn down her diary,showing Fantasmicia snatched Sandra from her bed and killed her somehow.Solera could not believe her little sister's death was a murder,made by Fantasmicia.When Fantasmicia get's eletrecuted by a near-by light bulb while trying to grab Butterscott Mellbutter's right foot and to drown him,Fantasmicia accidently grabbed the near-by hanging light bulb,and died,Sandra's code got fixed from the happiness of Fantasmicia getting what she deserves.

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