Sarah Floss is a racer in Sugar Rush she is very happy and sometimes she is very bossy


Sarah Floss is the most happiest racer in Sugar Rush and sometimes she can be so bossy.


Sarah Floss:Happy and Bossy racer:

Sarah Floss can be happy sometimes bossy but she does not bully other racers she is the opposite of Bubbly Tea while Bubbly Tea loves gems Sarah Floss loves Sea shells.


  • Wow!! Sea shells
  • Bubbly Tea do you wanna throw a party
  • get on people Bubbly Tea is almost her party
  • Yeah! Just get over it Gloyd!
  • Yeah! Sorry but you did not reserved for this party Taffyta
  • Candlehead and Rancis you are in the party list go ahead enjoy!


  • She is friends with Bubbly Tea and Candlehead
  • She loves Gloyd
  • She hates Taffyta Muttonfudge
  • Sometimes when Bubbly Tea is hanging out with Adorabeezle she will be jealous


She is created by Yukihide Washimura .


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