Princess Serena costume

"I am the pretty princess!"

-Serena catchphrase.

Serena Cookie von Chocobztrik is a racer princess, when she entered the castle of Vanellope without anyone noticing, she did the same thing that Turbo did, but she did not make Vanellope be a glitch, it just changed the IP Vanellope with Serena doing her become a princess without any racer suspect making Vanellope be a normal racer and not know it's princess. She can go back to being a normal racer giving the crown to any of the racers. She don't have friends because hate the racers all.


She is smart and sometimes playing VERY dirty with the racers, being coarse and vulgar, but underneath is a good person.


  • Speed: 100%
  • Sweetness: 30%
  • Handling: 80%
  • Special Power: Gummies Bomb


  • She ties her hair with a white ribbon when going into a race, not to mess up your hair.
  • She's number is 104.
  • She is a recolor of Vanellope long hair.
  • She is similar to Konata Izumi of Lucky Star anime.


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