Sherbetasha Powderic is a fanon Sugar Rush and Sweet Treat Racing Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.

Sherbetasha is a friendly but is rather serious and strict at the same time. She doesn't really like hanging out with the other racers and isn't very social.

Her theme is Sherbet and her kart is the Sherkart.


Sherbetasha Powderic ; Powder Power

Sherbetasha is the type of person who works hard to get what she wants . She takes everything seriously and won't let anyone or anything distract her. Her serious and strict attitude means that she finds it hard to fit in with the others meaning that's she's alone most of the time usually preparing for races but she still kind to the other racers.

Sherbetasha isn't the fastest racer in her game but she works hard to win a race nevertheless.


Sherbetasha is a strict and serious yet is kind hearted . She struggles to fit in with others because she takes everything seriously  and doesn't take things as a joke meaning she's mainly by herself practicing or preparing for a race.

Sherbetasha's racing skills are far from perfect but she works hard to win the race and is always trying to improve her racing technique.


  • A nickname for her is Sherby.
  • Her design is by RICHARD8bit.
  • Her cousin is Stixara Dustpix.
  • Her name is a combination of Sherbet and Natasha.


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