Sherpen Malarkey
Sherpen Malarkey 3D
Vital statistics
Position Racer and owner of Gelato Ski Resort
Age about 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Sherpen Malarkey is one of the shortest of all of the racers. His candy theme is Sweetarts. His signature Kart is the Tarter. He is part of Sugar Rush: Brain Freeze and was created by Sherpen Malarkey.


Sherpen Malarkey is a short racer with pink hair, green eyes, blue jacket, and a love for winter. He is the creator of many of the difficult tricks in Sugar Rush: Brain Freeze and is very skilled at anything having to do with snow or cold or ice.


For a long explanation see Sugary Comeback.

Sherpen Malarkey is Swizzle's brother who was supposed to be in Sugar Rush Speedway, but instead he was put into Sugar Rush Resort. He is great friends with Gloyd Orangeboar and Emma Lillemon and sometimes spray paints with Swizzle in Game Central Station. He and Ashlyn Angurina like eachother. He likes to snowboard and owns the Gelato Ski Resort in the Sundae Alps.


  • He is the Brother of Swizzle Malarkey.
  • His cart is super durable.
  • He knows a ton about computers and has cameras everywhere around Sugar Rush.
  • He is like the security guard of Sugar Rush.
  • He andAshlyn Angurina like each other.
  • He is not a Citizen of Sugar Rush, since he lives on Gelato Mountain.
  • He is one of the two characters created by Sherpen Malarkey in Sugar Rush: Brain Freeze .


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