Sherry Sweet is a racer in Sugar Rush she is a bully like her big sister her friend is Cherry Tootsie she always bullies Sweetnlo SprinkleTart.                         


Spoiled Girl:This girl is spoiled like her big sister she wants to be a good racer like her big sister.


She is spoiled girl and a brat she wants what she wants like winning a race she always have time to bully others except all the bullies in Sugar Rush.


  • Sweetnlo I told you you are not invited to this party!
  • Cherry Sweetnlo is in my party lets push her in that mud puddle
  • during at Sherry's Party* *Sherry and Cherry pushes Sweetnlo at the mud puddle* hahahahah fellow bullies lets do this.


  • She is good at dancing
  • Her theme is Lollipops


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