Sibling Rush is a game spin-off to Sugar Rush. Where siblings of Sugar Rush racers have their own mini-cabnet game.

By Sugarrusfan2


Jellybaby Gorge


Smallsweet ride

ChocoScoop Rollercoaster

Condensed Milk Farm

Gum Valley

Truffle Beach

More coming soon....


Junior Dash

Minto Whirlip

Axel Orangina

Forest Orangina

Penny Cornpop

Jelly Jason

Brenda McBurger

Sky Shprinkles

More modes coming soon...

Selective Characters

Sibling Rush Speedway basics

Glenda Orangeboar

Sid Malarkey

Rod Fluggerbutter

Strawbenny Benny Muttonfudge

Matthew Zaki

Jasmine Bing-Bing

Jordon Von Schweetz

Megan Winterpop

Yuki Sakura

Princess Cali Candy

Sugar Rush:Tiny Generation

Strawbetsy Muttonfudge

Strawbrandi Muttonfudge

Mary Von Chocolatey

Hayley McChips

Ace Raibowflipper

Fiona Rainbowflipper

Stella Calippona

Sandra Calippona

Madeline Sweetvans

Hope Gummy-Goober

Jasper Gummy-Goober

Junior Dash


  • Junior Dash is a pun of the popular game Candy Dash made by Wreck-ItEve105.

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