Skitty Berrybow is a Fanon Sugar Rush and Confectionery Raceway racer created by Sugarrushfan2.
Rainbow character

She is a loud , colourful and is a fashionista.

Her theme is Skittles and her Kart is the Rainbow Rush.


Colourful , Loud and Happy,

Skitty is a true fashionista , she is known in Sugar Rush and Confectionery Raceway for her colourful and funky style , she is a great seamstress and when she's not racing , she's making colourful clothes with jewels. She is also a good racer.


Skitty is happy and loud girl and a fashionista and she isn't afraid to dazzle things up , when she isn't racing she's at her workshop making colourful and uniques clothes for her fellow racers . She is also a very talented racer.



  • Originally she had a different personality .
  • Her design is by Toffetia123.

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