Smorsa mallow marsh sugar rush racer by invader bliz-d6bxokn

smorsa mallow-marsh is fan character made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher, she is a racer in sugar rush, her theme is around marsh-mallows and smores, her kart is the melting-mallow. 


smorsa is a young girl with fair skin and bright brown eyes, she has white hair with a pink strand of hair on her right and a chocolate brown strand of hair on her left.

she wears a winter coat, the coat is white on her right and pink on her left, the right arm of the coat is pink and the left arm is white, the coat has a cone fluffy trimming. she wears a cone skirt drizzled with white, pink and chocolate icing. her coat has a hood that is pink with darker pink stripes and a fluffy cone trimming, she also wears chocolate brown gloves.

she wears cone leggings and shoes, her shoes are covered with white, pink and chocolate ice-cream.

while racing, she wears her normal outfit with a helmet in the shape of a strawberry ice-cream scoop with a chocolate brown visor.

kart: the melting-mallow

the melting-mallow is a big smore with white vanilla, pink and chocolate ice-cream inside it, the wheels are vanilla ice-cream drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. the kart has a giant ice-cream cone sticking out the back of it as a giant rocket-booster. 


  • she speaks with a british accent
  • she has a recolour called bella bubble-gumsy
  • she wears winter themed clothes, but yet her candy theme smores, are ment to be a warm type of treat due to them being melted marsh-mallows 

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