Snowanna Rainbeau is a character from the game Sugar Rush. Her theme is based around snow cones and sorbet, and her signature kart is the Fro Cone. On the online adaptation of Sugar Rush, she, Minty Zaki, Crumbelina Di Caramello, and Candlehead are available at the start of the game as racers. 


Snowanna Rainbeau: Cool Chick

"A Sugar Rush racer with some serious style, Snowanna Rainbeau is a vivacious young spirit with a personality as loud and colorful as her hairdo. With a boogying beat in her soul, she’s as cool as ice! Watch out racers, she’ll lay down a funky track with her chilling charm and you’ll never see it coming!"


Snowanna Rainbeau is a young girl with deep chestnut skin and purple eyes. She has a large multicoloured afro that resembles a Snow Cone, with a Popsicle stick buried in the center. She wears a shiny violet jacket with frilled sleeves over an orange shirt decorated in white ivy flowers. She wears a sparkling pink skirt and her leggings are also purple, with fuchsia floral filigrees. The tops of her boots are fluffy and a brighter violet than the rest. When on the track, Snowanna is shown wearing thick racing goggles and a helmet that is the same color and style as her hair. Her hair and clothing are reminiscent of the 70s. (Her hair Is AKA an Afro)


  • When King Candy lies and the game is being unplugged, you can see Snowanna and Adorabeezle holding hands and reaching out for Jubileena to join them as they flee from Sugar Rush.
  • Snowanna's hair has a popsicle stick in it, making it look like she has a comb stuck in hair.
  • She, Adorabeezle and Nougetsia seem to be the only racers that are based around frozen treats.
  • In Owl City's music video of "When Can I See You Again", one of the dancers is costumed and designed to look like Snowanna. 
  • It is possible that her catchphrase is "Go Go Snow!" because it is written on her stand.
  • In Sugar Rush Speedway, her kart seems to look a bit different and seems a bit smaller then the kart she uses in the 1st movie.
  • She appears in Wreck-It Ralph films, Sugar Rush Animated Series, and Sugar Rush 64.
  • In Wreck-it Ralph spinoff TV shows, she's the only Sugar Rush racer who does not have any Cybernoid companion.
  • According to Sugar Rush Animated Series episode "Spoiled Little Racer", she pranks people.


Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
BulgarianСнeгана РейнбоуFrom "сняг" (snow) and "Рейнбоу" (transliteration for "Rainbow")
mófǎ cǎihóng
Magic Rainbow
CroatianPjenuljica SlatkomazFrom "slatko" (sweetly) or "sladka" (sweet)
DanishSnejanna RegnbueFrom "sne" or "snej" (snow) and "regnbue" (rainbow)
DutchBelinda RegenbaughFrom "Regenbaugh" came from original "Ranibeau"
EstonianLumelanna VikerkaarFrom "lumi" (snow) and "vikerkaar" (rainbow)
FinnishSäde SateenkaariFrom "sateenkaari" (Rainbow)
FrenchNinou GatineProbably from "gâteau" (cake)
Hebrewסנואנה ריינבו
Snoh-anna Reen-boh
From English name
HungarianSáfrányos KrémbeauxFrom "sáfrány" (saffron) and "krém" (cream) united with "Rainbeau"
IcelandicFlórsykra RegnbogaFrom "sykur" (sugar) and "Regnboga" (from original "Rainbeau") or "regnbogi" (rainbow)
Sunowana Reinbō
From English name
LatvianSniedze VarvīksniteFrom "sniedze" (snowbird) and "varavīksne' (rainbow)
NorwegianSnø-Anna RegnbueFrom "snø" (snow) and "Regnbue" (transliteration for "rainbow")
PolishCionguta AnyżFrom "anyż" (anise)
Brazilian PortugueseNevana Arco-ÍrisFrom "neve" (snow) and "arco-íris" (rainbow)
RomanianBudincța CurcubeuFrom "budincă" (pudding) and "Curcubeu" (rainbow)
RussianЗефира ГлазуреллиFrom "зефир" (zefir) and "глазурь" (glaze)
SlovakTrieška DúhováFrom "tri" (three) and "dúha" (rainbow)
SlovenianSnegana MavriéFrom "sneg" (snow) and "mavrica" (rainbow)
SwedishSnöhanna RegnbornFrom English name
TurkishKarlama GökkuşağıFrom "karlama" (winterize) and "gökkuşağı" (rainbow)
UkrainianСніжана АссортінаFrom "сніжний" (snowy) and "Асорті" (mix)

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