Snugglez redesign

Snugglez's redesign.

Snugglez Reesecupper is a Fanon Character. He's a racer in the game Sugar Rush: New Generation'.

Character Bio

Snugglez, a simple and shy racer. Snugglez is known for being very shy, but he's still one of the best racers.

He is Rancis' cousin, so he and Rancis have a lot of common, like, they both have the same theme.

He likes to hang out with his friends, and he's also in love Popcilla Icebow , but he is too shy to talk with her, since Popcilla is one of the stars in the track.

This guy, is not afraid of losing a race, he simply wants to be happy.

He also likes playing with Claire. Actually, Claire is the only person Snugglez is not shy to. He and her are kinda best friends.



  • His theme are Reese's peanut butter cups.
  • He, along with MarkHageChris and Francis are the only male racers in Sugar Rush: New Generation.
  • He is a contestant on Total Wreck Island.