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Solera Calippona is a Fanon Sugar Rush Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.
Solera Calippona
Full Name

Solera Calippona






Date of Birth

6th December

Resides in

Sugar Rush

Sweet Treat Racing




Stevie Calippona , Sandra Calippona, Sean Calippona , Nick Calippona, Michelle Calippona


Vitaliana Biscuteata , Ginger Nutty , Coco Cadcrunch, Gelatina La Woppleton, 'Pops' Popsinclair

Portrayed By

Emily Mortimer

She is a shy, quiet , but smart young girl who is often bullied by a girl called Floss Cottine. She is a friend of Coco, Gelatina and Ginger but her best friend is Vitaliana Biscuiteata . Her Theme is Ice Lollies and her kart is the Calippo Thunder.


Solera Calippona : As cool as Ice

Young Solera is a smart, shy and calm girl who loves to race dawn until dusk, though she isn't very tough, but this doesn't stop this young racer , she's always willing for another race .


Solera is quite shy and quiet, she dreams of becoming a racing champion, Floss often bullies her for being really shy and not learning how to stand up for herself on her own , she and Digestiva trys to stand up to Floss and the other bullies, but they are able to get the better of them, mostly.

She also dreams to beat Floss and stop her bullying ways.

She has a sister bond with Vitaliana she tends to talk most when only Vitaliana is around, but she occasionally talks when others are there, but she never talks when bullies arounds.

She can easily be frightened and very sensitive and prefers not to take risks.

Foreign Names

Spanish Chipetta Hielada From "chupete" (lollipop) and "helado" (ice cream) united with "hielo" (ice)
French Sucréette Glazette From "sucre" (sugar) united with "sucette" (lollipop) and "glace" (ice)


  • Her name comes from Solero and Calippo.
  • She is apart of Wreck-ItEve105's project  Sugar Rush: New Generation.
  • She lives in Cornette Town.


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