sparkz zapster is a digi-hero created by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher

her digi-hero theme is electricity and her kart is called the thunderstorm.

after her game 'digi-hero's race tornament' was unplugged, she didnt follow the other digi-hero's to fix-it felix jr, she went to live in sugar rush and vanellope added her code to sugar rush.


sparkz is a 12 year old girl with fair skin, long brown hair that drops to her feet and orange eyes, she wears a orange sleevless shirt that has a darker orange flame trimming and trousers that match her shirt. she wears dark blue shoes and wears a pair of thick orange racing goggles on her head. she also wears orange wrist bands with a darker orange line on them.

because she is a digi-hero, sparkz is designed with no nose and ears but can still smell and hear, she is also designed with claws, hoof-like feet and sharp pointy teeth. 

back story

sparkz is/was one of the eight main racers in digi-hero's race tornament (due to dilly-da, DJ, gear and jewel being secondary racers) but after digi-hero's race tornament was unplugged, she moved to sugar rush because she hoped her good friend vanellope von schweetz could add her code to the game sugar rush, and vanellope did add her code to sugar rush. sparkz now lives happily in sugar rush.


sparkz zapster: trouble maker

pre-teen girl, sparkz zapster is digi-hero's little prankster, with her bad attitude innocent face, she gets away with every prank she plays! but she'll always know when enough jokes are enough, when it comes to candy, she is quite sweet, but when racing, she is still the known trouble maker.

relationships with the others

with the digi-hero's: sparkz is good friends with all the digi-hero's

vanellope von schweetz: sparkz is good friends with vanellope, even back when vanellope was a glitch

gloyd orangeboar: sparkz is gloyd's best friend aswell as his girlfriend

taffyta muttonfudge: sparkz hates taffyta because taffyta says sparkz is a 'good for nothing freak'

swizzle malarkey: sparkz once hated swizzle because he broke her cousin bubble blast's heart, but she forgave him and now the two are good friends

rancis fluggerbutter: sparkz use to date rancis, but they both decided they werent right for each other and sparkz got rancis to fall in love with her cousin razor leaf, she and rancis are still good friends


  • sparkz is the only autistic digi-hero
  • she is british, like all the other digi-hero's
  • sparkz's name comes from the electic meaning 'spark' but with a 'z' at the end
  • a picture shows that sparkz use to have her hair up in pig-tails when she was 8

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