He is a racer within the game Sugar Rush. His candy theme is Ice Cream, his signature kart is the Rocky Road. He is introduced in Wreck-It Ralph 2 with Sweetums HardenTart, Chiplie Cookiedough, Sizzle Fryer, Pixla Powderdust, Hersha McChocolate, and Marsla Colorbottom.


Spenserve Frozenfudge: Cool As Ice Cream

"Spenserve Frozenfudge is not the cold hearted racer he might seem to be. He is super fast too; he can doube lap you and you won't know it till the end of the race, and he won."


He is a small young boy with pale, almost blue skin, and light blue eyes. His hair is short, shaggy, and light blue. He wears a white vest, a light blue t-shirt, white jeans, ripped at the bottom and knees, white shoes with light blue soles. When racing he wears a light blue and white racing helmet.


  • His catchphrase is, "Don't Be Cold!"
  • His Power-up is an Ice Pop Missile, an Ice Pop that blows up the racer who hits it.
  • He is mainly friends with Jubileena Bing-Bing and Gloyd Orangeboar.
  • His girlfriend is Adorabeezle Winterpop.
  • His kart is found in the Kart Bakery in the yellow square.

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