Stierra Tealice

Stierra's Current Design

Stierra Tealice is Adorabeezle's 2nd Recolor (After Nougetsia Brumblestain) and a Racer in Sugar Rush She is Unlocked in Frost Staidium along with Nougetsia Brumblestain Her Theme is Teal Candies and Teal Ice Candies She is Voiced By Taylor Swift, Her Kart is The Teal Rocket





  • Uh...... What is That?
  • Ughhhh, 12th Place again!
  • Mmmm, These Butter Cookies are Good! Torvald!
  • I Like these Yougurt you Made! Nougestia! Im Sure Adorabeezle Will Like The Meal!
  • Take that! Gloyd Loserboar! Haha!

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