strawberra ice-creamy is a fan character made by sparkz-zapster-sugar-rusher, she is a character in the game sugar rush. her theme is strawberry ice-cream, and her kart is the strawberry-split.


strawberra is a young girl with fair skin and pink eyes, her hair is bright brown. she wears a pink top with hot pink splats on it with a ice-cream cone pattern jacket, she wears a cone skirt drizzled with chocolate sauce. she wears cone pattern shoes with pink knee socks that have hot pink splats on them. she also wears a pink ice-cream hat with hot pink splats on it with a cone brim on the hat, the hat is also drizzled in chocolate sauce.

while racing, she wears a pink helmet thats in the shape of an ice-cream scoop with hot pink splats on it with a chocolate brown visor.

kart: the strawberry-split

the strawberry-split is a strawberry ice-cream in a cone with circle shaped strawberrys for wheels, with the number 14 on both sides written in strawberry ice-cream


  • she has a brother called vanillo ice-creamy

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