Strawberry Sweetcake is a fanfiction character made by rainingcatsanddogs. Her theme is Strawberry Shortcakes and strawberry milk. Her signature kart is The Strawberry Shortycake.

Offical Bio

"What do you mean I can't race?"

-Strawberry Sweetcake

"For this girl, it's a world of Strawberry sweets! She's always one of the sweetest girls around; not to mention her love of racing. She may be new to Sugar Rush, and not very popular, but she may be first place if you count sweetness!"


  • Rainingcatsanddogs first found Strawberry in a story she had wrote, but in that story, her name is princess Lilybeth.
  • She is based on the Strawberry Princess costume in an online game called "Pocoyo World".
  • As an addition to Strawberry's storyboard, she is also a major glitch, due to the virus in her code. But if she crosses the finish line, she will become a real racer, but still able to glitch, but her glitches are rather controled instead of constant (Like Vanellope).

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