Strawbetty sweetsweetmmmmyeah

Strawbetty Sweetcake is a fanfiction character made by rainingcatsanddogs. Her theme is Strawberry Shortcakes and strawberry milk. Her signature kart is The Strawberry.

Offical Bio

"What do you mean I can't race?"

-Strawbetty Sweetcake

"For this girl, it's an entire world of sweets! She's one of the sweetest girls around; not to mention her love of racing. She may be new to Sugar Rush, and not very popular, but she may be first place if you count sweetness!"


  • Like many other characters made by rainingcatsanddogs, Strawbetty is being edited. Her new bio is now up, and her picture is, too!
  • She is not a very experieced racer, as shown in Malissa's First Race, where she is hit by Taffyta at the very beginning of the race.
  • Strawbetty has heterochromia iridium, meaning she has two different colored eyes. Her right eye is pink while her left eye is orange.