Sugar Rush Unnamed Installment is an upcoming installment in the Sugar Rush series.


All characters from previous installments reappear.

New characters:

  • Amy Venus
  • More TBA


Some characters get their own tracks and if you choose to use Ghost Mode, they are the ghosts for it.

Bubblegum Series (owned by unnamed new character)

  • Gobstopper Hill- A large hill with gobstoppers rolling all around it
  • Bubblegum Canyon- A canyon with pink bubbles that can get you stuck floating around it
  • Gum Resort- A resort island with gumball machines and gumball's rolling around it
  • Bubblegum planet-A planet made of bubblegum

Holiday Series (Candlehead)

  • Cake Race- Race around a giant birthday cake
  • Snowy Mounatin (original name:Christmas Canyon)- A mountain themed with Christmas and winter
  • Trick-or-track- A halloween-themed track that looks like a neighborhood
  • Easter Track- An easter-themed track

Sugar Rush Kingdom Series (Vanellope)

  • Sugar Rush Castle- Race through the castle
  • Sugar Rush- race through the whole land

More series and races under the Sugar Rush Kingdom series!

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