Sugar Rush 64 is a project created by The Regressor and Vonduce . It was cancelled in 2016.

Playable Racers




When asked about the music, The Regressor said the following:

It is early, but we can say for a fact that all the music will be original with the exception of a non-official version of the Sugar Rush theme. All tracks will have a good 90s kart racing vibe to them >:]

Also, to anyone who's interested in making the music:

  • Team Regress has no permanent music composer. For the soundtrack, we will rely on commissions and contributions.
  • We are broke, so most likely just contributions from fans.
  • We have not openly asked because we are still developing the tone and aesthetic of the game; music will be one of the later components we request and implement.
  • IF you are a composer and ignored the above and still want to lend your talent to SR64, message us with two pieces of information: a contact e-mail and a link to some of your work (anons will be ignored for music positions, don’t be afraid to show your face!):
  • It may be a while before we request anything from anyone, but we WILL keep you on our list of potential composers for when the time comes.


  • It will be a free download.
  • Turbo will possibly appear in the game.
  • Minty Zaki and Minty Sakura use the same kart.
  • Sugar Rush 64 will be a modern game built with modern technologies, so it will not be an exact image of a game made in 1996-97, but aesthetically  it will evoke the nostalgia of that era of games.
  • The game will need unity player to run.
  • In 2013, the game got it's own tumblr blog, you can check it out here