Sugar Rush Schweetzway is a raceland and another Sugar Rush created by VanellopeVonSchweetzFan, that is filled by peppermint candies, pink mountains, and candy forest. The name "Schweetz" was taken from the Sugar Rush ruler's name, Vanellope Von Schweetz. The characters are super-sweet, some of the boys in Sugar Rush
Sugar rush schweetzway logo

Sugar Rush Schweetzway Logo

was turned to girls here. Sugar Rush Schweetzway possibly was coming soon, but user can create many characters quickly, too, if there are times to do.


  • Amy Bubble Gum (AKA Amy BG), she is the secret character
  • Candace Peppermint-Candy (AKA Candie Girlie), the current ruler of Sugar Rush Schweetzway and the main character.
  • Isabella Rainbowglitter (AKA Ms. Glittery), the talented racer in Sugar Rush Schweetzway.
  • Citry Lemongums (AKA the sour girl), the blond hair racer like Rapunzel with a lemon theme.
  • Jessie Pinkfrozen (AKA juicy person), the pink guava guy racer.
  • Juicy Gummymint (AKA Ms. Rock), the rock and roll racer.
  • Creamer Icysparkle (AKA frozenhead), the freezing Snowanna Rainbeau racer.
  • Chocolina Chocolatewrap (AKA the choco girl or mocha people), the chocolaty girl racer.
  • Butterfingers Waferpie (AKA Waterpie), the waferful racer.
  • Mentossy Cherrysparks (AKA W.O.F.T.M. (watch out for that mentos)), the girl mentossy racer.
  • Plumy Biscuitsweetsy (AKA biscuitman), the biscuit boy and the racer that looks alike Swizzle "The Swizz" Malarkey.
  • Jenny Lickityrocks (AKA icywoman), the girl racer with Adorabeezle Winterpop muffy hat and black hair.

Final design of the characters (recent)

Animation Format Race Karts

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