Sugar Rush Speedway: Double Sugar Dash! is going to be a fan game created by Sweetellope.It is a spin off of Mario kart as well as Sugar Rush Speedway and will be set in a world of sugar,snacks and sweets.It will feature an array of fanon racers and also characters from the original Mario Kart.


Sugar Rush Speedway: Double Sugar Dash! will be an cabinet styled arcade game,similar to modern day racing games.It will be avalible to buy for handheld consoles later on though.The game may also be the main setting for an upcoming fanfiction,'Gamejumping adventures and more.'


  • Multiplayer
  • Single player
  • Online
  • Speedster



Jenna Jammydodge


  • Sugar Cube (Speed boost,you get one or three}
  • Sweet Seekers
  • Jawbreakers (You throw these,you get one or three)
  • Mount Fuji Drop (Big speed boost,these get you ahead of most of the racers)
  • Honey (Goes all over the other players screens,obscuring their vision)
  • Gummy Star (Temporary invincibility)

Cups and Tracks

Cadbury Cup

  • KitKat Speedway

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