Sugar Rush Superraceway coveart

Sugar Rush Superraceway is the 3D fangame of the racing game of Wreck-It Ralph. The objective is to become the first of the finish as fast as possible before the opponents beat you.

Is the second Wreck-It Ralph 3D fangame (after Wreck-It Ralph unity: and the fourth made with Unity.

Dowload links:

IndieDB (Windows):

IndieDB (Mac):



Characters select:

- Vanellope

Sugar Rush Superraceway- character select

- Taffyta

- Candlehead

- Gloyd

- Jubileena

- Citrusella

- Swizzle

- Snowanna

- Minty

Sugar Rush Superraceway- main menu

- Sticky

- Torvald

- Rancis

- Crumbelina

- Adorabeezle

- Nougetsia

- Sakura

- Wreck-It Ralph


Sugar Rush Superraceway- character info

Candy Cup:

- Strawberry Valley

- Chocopathway

- Bonbon Range

Lollipop Cup:

- Cake Plateau

- Ravine of Cakes

- Lollipop Field

Ice Cream Cup:

- Ice Cream Hill

- Icy Pole Zone

- Cookie Islands

Sugar Rush Cup:

- Gummy Desert

- Sweet Rainbow Road

- The Big Circuit

Extra Cup:

- Candy Clouds

- Retro Sugar Rush

- Fix-It Felix Jr.

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