Sugar Rush Universe is the new game of Sugar Rush. The game probably gonna be released in 2030. For 

PS4 and XBox One. A new world of candies and sugars. All styles of candies are welcome!

New weapons, karts, characters and more! This game has been created by the User Toffetia123.


  • Story mode
  • Arcade mode
  • Options


  • Sweet Seekers
  • Ice Cream Canon
  • Sugar Boost
  • Sugar Blocker
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Milk Wave
  • Mixed Sense
  • Sticky Caramel
HNI 0100

A early concept art of Lollipop Forest


  • Taffy Taffy Mountain
  • Diet Cola Cave
  • Lollipop Forest
  • Oreos' Corners
  • Cake Rollercoasterway

    An early concept art of the Cake Rollercoasterway by Haliboot

  • Taj Mattonfudge
  • Jawbreaker Maze Track
  • Crunchy Cookie Track
  • SorbettPoker
  • Rumble Bubble Gummy Track
  • Candy Corn Farm
  • Licorish Lottus Campus
  • Fudge Nougget Mountain
  • Pocky Pocked Hill
  • Strawberry Crystal Mine
  • Chocolate Milk Falls
  • Nesquik Roadway
  • Gumball Square
  • Condensed Milk Temple
  • Neapolitian's Castle
  • Cherrys' Sky
  • Snnowy City
  • Sweet Rice Arena
  • Mints' Ausement Park
  • Orange Juice Sea
  • Cakeway
  • Peeper Mint Cassino
  • Tower Effudge
  • Factory Créme Brillantée
  • Apple Mappeela's Stadium
  • Marmalade Station
  • Gobsstopper Tour
  • Batter Bakker Coliseum
  • Crumby Cracky Track
  • Hershey's Speedway
  • Nerdies Jungles
  • Tyblerone's Pyramid
  • Cotton Candy Sanctuary
  • Browny Studios
  • Cheesers Cakers Canyon
  • Churru's Valley
  • Donut's Bay
  • Sugar Rush Speedway 


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