Sugardale is a Sugar version of the British Original Drama Soap.Emmerdale.Sugardale is a village slowly off the Sugar Rush coast-line.The villiagers rivals are the Chocolatenation Street residents.


Debbie Bluedingle: (Sugar Rush version of Debbie Dingle) Is a stroppy teenager (turning into a young woman) in love with a character called Cameron Cherry.She lives with her daughter Sarah Bluedingle and her son Jack Bluedingle.

Chasity Bluedingle: (Sugar Rush version of Chasity Dingle) Is the Auntie of Debbie and is very serious about things,and if things do not go her way,she get's very mad,but she is a great friend to talk to and always trying to sort things out if she has bad relationships with other people in the village.

Cameron Cherry:  (Sugar Rush version of Cameron Murray) Is a very quiet and serious person,a little bit like Chasity and if you get on the wrong side of him he can be very dangerous. (As he soon becomes a murderer,like Cameron Murray in Emmerdale was)

Marlon Bluedingle: (Sugar Rush version of Marlon Dingle) Is a chef working at The Cottonwoolpack.He is very funny and friendly,he is in a relationship with Laurel Bluedingle.

Chapter 1: Bluedingle Drama

Lisa had a knock on her cottage door,she slowly put her hand on the door handle and flung it open,as loads of icy freezing cold snow flew into her face.Debbie walked in,her blueberry scented mascara wiffing around the cottage.Debbie,what happened?! Lisa said,looking at her Granddaughter's ripped clothes and messy hair.It's...Steve...he has got me in some trouble... Debbie said,her dark ocean blue eyes looking serious and scared with started Lisa,in her Sugar Rush Coastal accent.A hard thump bashed against the door.It's the Police... Debbie said,trying to act as calm as possible.Lisa slowly opened the door,again,PC Jam stood there.

How may I help you? Lisa asked,but she knew who he wanted.PC Jam cleared his throat and looked Lisa deeply in the eyes.Debbie Bluedingle... he hissed,as he tried his best to peer over Lisa's shoulder to scan the cottage for Debbie.

What has she done?! Lisa snapped,asking for explanations from PC Jam.Her and Steve Milkton,have been burrowing around looking for money.... replies PC Jam.I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! IT WAS ALL STEVE! she hissed.

Debroha Bluedingle... PC Jam mumbled,while getting out his hand cuffs...PLEASE LEAVE HER ALONE! sobbed Lisa,on her knees.

Nan,I'll be fine... Debbie said,through a slow form of tears,as PC Jam shoved her in a car and drove off.

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