Sugella Von Sprinkles

Sugella Von Sprinkles is the most absent-minded girl in whole Sugar Rush, and she also has an big interest in pastas and macarons. Her candy themes are ice lollies and assorted mint candies. Her kart signature is the Smooth Mousse-r. This page has been created by the user Toffetia123 but the credits and copyrights goes to the user Birbyman.


"The Delicious Inuit"

Sugella doesn't have too much to say. She is a girl of few words. She and Citrusella love skiing in the Ice Cream Mountain. She dreams to make a Creamotopia, her new house.

Her family is famous for their ice creams and frozen yogurts.


  • Her fans are antropomorphic frozen yogurts
  • Her plush is ice lolly scented
  • Her colors are purple, pink and white



Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Pebermynslik From "pebermynte" (pepper-mint) united with "slik" (candy)
Spanish Mientolata Pirulleta From "menta" (mint or spearmint) and "pirulí" (lollipop) united with "galleta" (cookie)
French Sugella A La Suzetteau From "sucette" (lollipop)

シュゲーラ フォン スプリンクルス

Shugēra fon supurinkurusu

From English name

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