Sundae is one of the newest characters in Sugar Rush. Her theme is ice cream. Her signature kart is the Sundae Best.


Sundae is a young girl with fair skin. She has deep brown eyes. Her hair is three different colors in three smaller versions of Vanellope's hair. The colors are chocolate brown like Crumbelina DiCaramello, platinum blonde like Taffyta Muttonfudge, and light pink with blotches of hot pink. It has hot fudge in it. Sundae is wearing a mint green shirt with chocolate chips in the shape of a scoop of ice cream. She wears an ice cream cone skirt covered in hot fudge. Under her skirt, Sundae has leggings; hot pink on her left, and white with caramel sauce on her right. Her shoes are recolors of Jubelina Bing-Bing's, the color being chocolate brown. When racing, she has a helmet with the colors of her hair and she wears mint green goggles.


Sundae Crumbsnatcher: Cold 'n' Cool

"Watch out! Sundae will always be cool as ice cream in the freezer. She thinks her kart, the Sundae Best, is the best kart, so she can't help but brag about it sometimes!"


The Sundae Best is ice cream cone shaped with a scoop of Rainbow Sherbet. The ice cream has rainbow sprinkles and a hot fudge drizzle. At the top of the cone, fire comes out to make the kart go.


  • Her last name, Crumbsnatcher, is a nickname that Ralph calls Vanellope (It's that little crumbsnatcher...)
  • The citizens of Sugar Rush that root for her in the races are chocolate chips.
  • She is probably the youngest of the racers, for she is only eight and a half.