Sweet Track is candy racing game based off of Sugar Rush. It has a mini game called fireball.


Fireol Bell

Pepperella Cane

Raspytta Berryfudge

Berrel Raspfruit

Fizzle Strawman

William Pitart

Lemona Lime

Emma Andems

Jawlani Neonsucker

Ariel Sourpower

Hershyne Chocolette

Tamela Spiced

Cracklepop Cakemill

Sprinkle Cookie

Nutty Fluffs

Peter Pancake

Eclaire Custarda

Mocha Mia Whippel

Butternut Crumbschotch

Drizzle Crumbschotch

Froyo Softe

Frosterna Cones

Icer Chill

Freezila Scoops

Princess Heartela Royalgums

Princess Fingeretta Moose

Bamela Split

Ginger Wrapperdisc

Stawberretta Nerd

Lemonade Nerd

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