Chews your racer!


Sweetellope's upgraded appearance in the latest game update.

Sweetellope is a new playable character in Sweetie Rush.

She is a recolour of Vanellope, and is president of the game.

Character Bio and Description

Sweetellope is an inch shorter than Vanellope but sports the same skirt, hair,hair tye and boots. She is 8 years old and is inspired by the chibi style, just like all of the other racers. Her eyes are blue and her hoodie and leggings can vary from a soft pink to hot pink. She is a little headstrong at times but tends to stick to the rules quite a bit. Sweetellope is nice but has a nasty temper, if she spots someone doing something wrong, she will tell them. She is a crybaby even though she seems fearless.


A new update in the game has generated a new look for Sweetellope! She now has replaced her hair tye with a bow made of mint wrapper, and wears a pink hoodie with blue sleeves. Her boots are now red and she wear regular socks rather than leggings.


In London,UK we see an arcade.This arcade is owned by Mr Litwaks brother.In the arcade are all sorts of games ranging from Dancing Stage {DDR} to crane machines.In the middle is 'Sweetie rush' a racing game just like Sugar rush only with different racers.Sweetellope is the princess of the game and is liked by most of the racers.Gamers from America come one day and hack the codes,copying Sweetellope (because she had good stats) and putting her in their own local sugar rush console.This is where Sweetellope met Vanellope,who became an older sister to her and looked after her in the game.However,not all was plain sailing as Taffyta didnt like Sweetellope and began to pick on her secretly so Vanellope would not know.


  • She has a personality similar to Vanellope, but is less cheeky and a little bit sweeter.
  • She likes game jumping and meeting new friends.
  • She brought Ralph to her game to help her make a kart similar to Vanellopes 

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