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First Female
Second Evil Racer
Third Cy-Bug Hybrid
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Fourth Hunter
Fifth Virus
Sixth Corruption

Sweetiebelle is a new character in the game Sugar Rush. She is also the daughter of Turbo. She was created by Pikachu4807,but Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD adopted her.


Sweetiebelle's creation was a tiny glitch in the codes. As she arrived in Sugar Rush, she hid from everyone in a secret entrance in Frost Rally. During her years in Sugar Rush, she watched every race go by in a flash, dreaming to race like the other's. Sweetiebelle had access to the Kart Bakery and made herself a kart when she was finally ready to race. She practiced every day until she was ready for the daily Random Roster Race. But when the Cy-Bug invasion infested her home during the race, she was immobile from seeing her father consumed by the Cy-Bugs. But when she found out that Turbo had lived, she went to the destruction site of Diet Cola Mountain. She continue's to search for her father to this day. Eventually, they found each other.


Sweetiebelle can be a bit caring as well as competitive at some points, but she's kept her secret of being Turbo's daughter from the other racers for quite some time. As for her evil personality, nobody has ever seen it, not even her own father. When racing, she's been know to cheat. Ramming other racer's karts, glitching, and using her codes powers in secret to win the daily Random Roster Race; as there were no rules to the race.


Turbo: Though Turbo never got used to being a father, Sweetiebelle still looks up to him. Seeing him race with the others every day was complete joy to Sweetiebelle. Sweetiebelle still takes note of her father's racing abilities in secret.

Vanellope von Schweetz: Sweetiebelle hears about this "glitch" from the other racer's day after day, being a threat to the game and her father, Sweetiebelle must eliminate Vanellope. Sweetiebelle continues to hunt Vanellope day after day.

Percy Saltwater : Sweetiebelle and Percy are currently together in secret. 


Sweetiebelle's kart is the Speeding Virus, it's mainly red with red blood stains on it. Turbo and Sweetiebelle made it themselves at the Kart Bakery. It has been cherished by Sweetiebelle ever since.

Images (4)

Sweetiebelle's kart

185px-Sweetiebelle concept

Sweetiebelle in her kart


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