She is a character within the game Sugar Rush. Her candy theme is SweeTarts, her signature kart is the Sweeter.She is introduced in Wreck-It Ralph 2 with Spenserve Frozenfudge, Chiplie Cookiedough, Sizzle Fryer, Pixla Powderdust, Hersha McChocolate, and Marsla Colorbottom.


Sweetums HardenTart: Sweet Off The Track

"Sweetums HardenTart is a hard girl to beat. Her sweet girl image only works off the track, when racing, she will do anything to win."


She is a small, young girl with fair skin and blue eyes. Her hair is half pink, half orange and down to her waist. She wears a pink visor with orange stripes, an orange shirt with a orange strip in it, a pink skirt with pink and orange SweeTarts on the ends, pink and orange leggins, pink shoes with orange soles. She also wears a pink and orange SweeTart headband. When racing she wears a pink and orange racing helmet.


  • Her catchphrase is, "That's Hardcore!"
  • Her kart is the Kit Kart, but made of SweeTarts, and pink and orange.

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