Sweetyz Milkyway

Sweetyz Milkyway is a Fanfiction sugar rush racer made by rainingcatsanddogs. Her theme is Milkyway bars and Milk chocolate candy. Her signature kart is The Musketeer.

Offical bio

"Sugar Sugar!"

-Sweetyz's Catch phrase

"This sugar rush racer is not like the others! She can preform a double flip on a jump! She will lap you at least once and that's the way she likes it! But sometimes, she can lap you twice or three times! But she is the caring heart of gold racer you can't dare to miss."


  • She and Malissa Cocopuff seem to be close friends.
  • Even though her first name is Sweetyz, some racers refer to her as Milky.
  • Rainingcatsanddogs may have tried to make changes to Milky but then accepted her first concept as her real appearance for unknown reasons.
  • Just like Malissa, Milky is not a very skilled racer. However, at ends of races it is seen that they may not have died and regenerated because they always seem to have a cast on different parts of their bodies.
  • Even though rainingcatsanddogs chose her first concept as the real apperance, the one on this page is not the real apperance. She has blue eyes instead of black, and her hoodie is colored in instead of "blank".

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