Sweetyz milkyway

Sweetyz Milkyway is a Fanfiction sugar rush racer made by rainingcatsanddogs. Her theme is Milkyway bars and milk chocolate candy. Her signature kart is The Musketeer.

Offical bio

"Sugar Sugar!"

-Sweetyz's Catch phrase

"This sugar rush racer is not like the others! She may be sweet, but she's a incredibly speedy racer. She's caring and kind, but a little short tempered out on the track!"


  • She and Malissa Cocopuff seem to be close friends.
  • Even though her first name is Sweetyz, some racers refer to her as Milky.
  • Like many other characters created by rainingcatsanddogs, Milky is being edited. Her new bio is now up, and the new picture is here, too!
  • Although Milky is not shown to have any stands present, her name can be seen on the stands belonging to Malissa Cocopuff.