"Let's Tango!"
My sugar rush oc by lordodarkness84-d671iwm
Some attributes
First Tango Mangopunch
Second Shaved ice, tropical punch, fruit
Third Cone Drone
Other attributes
Fourth Upbeat, fun-loving
Fifth Loves parties
 Tango Mangopunch is a fan-made Sugar Rush racer. He is themed on tropical sweets such as shaved ice and fruit punch.


"Perhaps the most exotic racer in Sugar Rush, Tango can take the heat and still race down the sugary slopes. He loves to party and always goes for anything fun!"


Tango is a boy with dark hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. He wears a Hawaiian-like flowered t-shirt as well as flip-flops. His most striking feature is his hat, which is decorated with tropical fruits and a large snow cone.


Tango is always shown in a positive mood and tends to love fun. While he can be annoying at times, he still gets along with most characters.


The kart driven by Tango is known as the Cone Drone. It resembles a large snow cone with coconuts as wheels, as well as a cocktail umbrella for an antenna. Whenever it is driven, sprinkles of shaved ice leave a trail on the road.


  • He lives in a treehouse in the sugar cane jungle, which is located on an island off the Sugar Rush mainland.
  • Sometimes, Tango gets the tendency to dance when he is especially happy.
  • His creator also made a DeviantArt page for him.

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