Recent Tara
Tara is the daughter of Turbo and Taffyta Muttonfudge and currently has no game (but however lives in Sugar Rush). She has a secret crush on one of the TurboTwins, Teddy. She is a racer, like her parents, and is striving to be one of the best racers, like her parents.


Let's just say, Turbo borrowed some of Taffyta's codes in order to create Tara.


Tara somewhat looks like her mother. She has brown hair. However, since she is heterochromia, her left eye color is yellow and her right eye color is light blue. Tara wears a jumpsuit that looks similar to Turbo's, but she doesn't wear a helmet.


She currently only has racing skills, but other than that, she has great running speed.


  • She has an ask account on deviantart that can be found here: [link]
  • Tara is the only character (made by Aly) that went through many designs before a final one (the top picture).


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