Tarmac was a racer in Turbo Time, he was created by Pikachu4807

Tarmac's Catchphrase


Tarmac was a racer in Turbo Time, being one of the NCP's to race Turbo, he hated it whenever Turbo got played by the kids in the arcade. So one day, he decided to make a fool of Turbo and rammed him across the track while the kids were playing as him, causing Turbo to get fourth place and a game over for the kids.

After the incident, his jealousy on Turbo grew as he was played more and more each day. But an even bigger incident caused him and the other racer's to panic, when their game was going to be unplugged forever without Turbo. So Tarmac escaped into Sugar Rush as soon as it was plugged in. Thinking his brothers and rival were dead, Tarmac made himself invisible to the Sugar Rush world and raced everyone there; but as always, King Candy won every race. So Tarmac made himself a King Candy lookalike to Sugar Rush to be just as great as the real King Candy, but he was caught and thrown into the fungeon. Since then, Tarmac discovered that King Candy was really Turbo in disguise! So Tarmac made the perfect creation to destroy him.


Turbo: Tarmac and Turbo were fierce rivals back in Turbo Time. They don't really get along well. Trying to see who's the better racer every day was their biggest fight.


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