Raspberry Kingpin has a serious raspberry addiction.
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Raspberry Kingpin

She is a major raspberry consumer, she is part of every contest relating to raspberry eating. There's rumors that she can eat pussy like a goddess.

Her theme is raspberries.


She usually results in selling important things to feed her raspberry addiction. She's actually sold her sister to the raspberry mafia just for a single raspberry.

The headphones she's wearing are no longer in her possession (so are her clothes and hair) as she has sold all of that for raspberries as well. She constantly farms every single hair she grows for raspberries, that's how serious her problem currently is. Since she has nothing else to sell (she sold her whole family tree and houses) she results to bisexual prostitution for maximum profits and will literally do anything for raspberries, no matter how little.

Fun Fact: She sold her kidney for raspberries.


As you may imagine, the Raspberry Kingpin is completely insane and completely impossible to approach unless you're carrying raspberries. 

Talking to her is like talking to a heroin addict, you will end up feeling horrible, but at the same time you'll want to give her what she wants for some of that puss. 



  • She also sold all of her nails for raspberries, she's a literal freak.