Tartelina Kipling is a Fanon Sugar Rush and Confectionery Raceway Racer created by Sugarrushfan2.
Tartelina re-design


She is a sweet and happy young magician .

Her theme is Sweet Tarts , Jam Tarts and Pop Tarts and  her kart is the Tart Kart .


With her wand , Tartelina is the young racer seeking for Sugar Stardom , she's always practicing new spells and magic tricks to impress her friends and fellow racers . Though she is usually happy , she sometimes gets jealous of Pop Stars like Katy Berry which leads her to sabotage , otherwise she's a smart and loving girl to have around.


Tartelina is generally a nice , cheerful and likeable girl , when she's not racing  , she's practicing her magic skills or performing in front a crowd . But she can get easily jealous of people who are really famous around the arcade and leads to sabotage , but she always trys to fix things at the end. 



  • Due to working with weird spells , she gets possessed sometimes.
  • Her design is by Toffetia123.

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