Tasty Desert

Tasty Desert

Tasty Desert is a track in the game Sugar Rush: New GenerationIt is a track in the Cola Cup.


The track is based on a desert, but a bit more sweet. In this track, it doesn't have a road, you drive on the sand. And you need to be careful, because the Nesquick Sand is always waiting.

Sugar Rush New Generation OST - Breakn' a Sweat05:04

Sugar Rush New Generation OST - Breakn' a Sweat

The Track's theme


The theme for this track is Breakn' a Sweat, from Skrillex.

And the reason I gave this track that theme, was because, i think the theme's perfect for a desert.

And also, if Skrillex have so much to do in the film was a cameo, you know, to appear as a DJ, and to make a music for the soundtrack of the film, why shouldn't he been on the game Soundtrack?

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