Temaki Connie

Temaki Connie  "It's Connie time!"   -Connie when she's about to race

Temaki Connie is a long distance cousin of Minty Sakura . She is really smart and friendly  


Temaki wears a green/white/yellow kimono, a grey dotted pants and purple eyes.

Her eyes are yellow and her hair is orange/grey

She also have a blueberry, but he's painted pink.


Her theme is Japanese food and Japanese candy


Temaki was part of the Japanese version of Sugar Rush. The game was really popular there and the creator decided to send to the USA.

Sadly, the designers have changed the characters design and her code was declared "missed"

About 2 monthes that Vanellope became the princess, she was an expert of codes etc, so she founded Temaki code and turned on him and Temaki have became a Sugar Rush racer (again!)


  • Her name comes from Temaki (The Japanese food) and Connie (a nickname for Cone)
  •  She like making nicknames for her friends (EX: Minty Sakura = Sakura)
  •  She rathers to be called of "Connie", only her "enemies" call her of Temaki
  •  She is very smart, cute and friendly
  •  Sometimes when she is mad she start yeling in Japanese. Only Sakura understand and she rather not translate...
  • Temaki can be really, REALLY shy when she meet new racers, but later she is cool

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