The Atmospheric Globe is one of Mr. Litwak's globes with an electrical atmosphere so video game people can visit any place in the world without being caught out of a video game. 

How to get to the Atmospheric Globe

To get to the Atmospheric Globe, you wait at the center of Game Central Station until an airplane arrives.  You get on the airplane until you get to the Atmospheric Globe.  There are smaller airplanes on the Atmospheric Globe so you can get where you want on the Atmospheric Globe.  You are probably asking, "How does the airplane exit Game Central Station?"  Well, there is always at least one empty slot that the airplane can use to exit Game Central Station and arrive at the Atmospheric Globe.

Where you can find the airplane on the Atmospheric Globe

The airplane always arrives in London, England.  If you are on the Atmospheric Globe, you need to use one of the mini-airplanes and fly to London.

Sizes of the Atmospheric Globe

The sizes of the Atmospheric Globe are:

  • Diameter=10 in.
  • Radius=5 in.
  • Circumference=31.4 in.
  • Area=78.5 sq. in.

Parts of the electrical atmosphere

You probably know the parts of the real atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere.  There are different parts of the electrical atmosphere on the Atmospheric Globe.  The parts of the electrical atmosphere are the electrosphere, the electronosphere, the videosphere, the computersphere, and the consolesphere.

Power sources of the Atmospheric Globe

The power sources of the Atmospheric Globe are:

  • Electricity=atmosphere
  • Batteries=core

How to personalize your location on the Atmospheric Globe

What if you went to a new location on the Atmospheric Globe and didn't like it much?  Well, you can always personalize that location on another one of Mr. Litwak's globes.  The other globes only have an electrosphere and an electronosphere as an atmosphere, so you shouldn't stay there too long!-

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