Candy Viper1

The Candy Viper.

The Candy Viper is Jell-ron's first kart. It was created by Jell-ron and Vanellope.


The Candy Viper has a slanted body of a 2000 Dodge Viper. It is white glazed with red and blue stripes and #53 , in memory of Herbie, The Love Bug another famous Disney racer. Also has Golden Oreo tires in the front and M&M cookies in the back. The most unique piece is it's V12 Turbocharged Candifier engine, giving it power to outspeed any rival.


When Vanellope asks Jell-ron where to get the his kart, Jell-ron want to go to the Junkyard. "A better masterpiece is best starting from scratch" Jell-ron says. They found the car body with everything but a new glaze job (paint job in Sugar Rush) and a new engine. After restoring it to racing glory, Jell-ron, with help from Vanellope, enters the race. During the race, Jell-ron passes racers, even the notorious Taffyta. But sadly lost due to being hit by a rainbow sprinkle. After making new friends and got to know Sugar Rush, all of a sudden, Connie's henchmen pulled Jell-ron from his home. Sadly, The Candy Viper was destroyed, but surprisingly, the engine survived and is now used in The Rally Viper.


This kart went through many phases:

First Phase: thought as Herbie in a digitalized state

Second Phase: thought as the Munchy 5 (parody of the Mach 5)

Third Phase: thought as a crossover of a Porsche 911/Dodge Viper.

Final Phase: thought as a crossover of a NASCAR/Dodge Viper.

The sound of the engine, is like a Plymouth Superbird or some old race car.

The number #53 comes the famous Disney character and racer Herbie The Love Bug

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