Clockwork, the Dark One of Drobot.

The Dark Ones are evil versions of most Dragon's Peak characters in Cynder Rush's fanfictions. They are all glitches, but they have no game. They are controlled by Vathek when he goes by the name of Lord Knightmare II.


All of the Dark Ones are black with glowing outlines the colour of their elements. Their eyes are white and they glow like their outlines. The only part of them that isn't black is their teeth which remain white.


Sugar Rush (movie)

Ash (evil Spyro)

Ember (evil Cynder)

Haste (evil Camo)

Clockwork (evil Drobot)

Thrash (evil Bash)

Jade (evil Flashwing)

Huricane (evil Whirlwind)

Strike (evil Zap)

Flamethrower (evil Sunburn)

Sugar Rush 2: Return of the king.

Antifreeze (evil Frostbite)


Sugar Rush (movie)

The Dark Ones were created by Vathek for him to prove how evil he is because Vathek thinks he was scrapped because he wasn't a good enough good guy, so he must be a better bad guy. They have been programmed to do one thing and one thing only: destroy Sugar Rush. Ash's code is destroyed by Vathek's barbed tail as the Dark Ones rush to get out, changing Ash's appearance and personality. The next time we see them they are waiting to strike outside Diet Cola Mountain, where they know all of the racers will be partying. The Dragon's Peak characters all battle the Dark Ones. In the end, they somehow all become 'glitch of a glitches' like Ash.

Sugar Rush 2: Return of the king.

We find out that a Dark One has survived and his name is Antifreeze. He is the Dark One version of Frostbite, one of the cameradragons and Dragon Knights in Dragon's Peak. Antifreeze teams up with King Candy.


  • They are similar to Kaos' minions from the Skylanders series.
  • Ash invents the name for the Dark Ones.
  • Despite being his master, Antifreeze doesn't seem to know Vathek.
    • This is possibly because they have never met or because Vathek becomes good.
  • Cynder Rush created a Dark One of Sun Dragon despite there never being one in the fanfic, probably to tease fans.


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