The Island Of The Recolours is fan fiction by Sugarrushfan2 .

It's about the recolours fleeing because the normal racers are being really mean to them , sick and tired , they leave for a new life with new friends and dangers.

It will have 20 - 25 chapters.


Applaina , Orangela and the Dark Recolours belong to Sugarrushfan2 . (the fan fic creator)

Rumbellah , Galleta , Borovnika , ButterfingerZ , Orea and Berleena belong to Little miss sweets.

Twister , Chocoanna and Milkhead belobg to Wreck-ItEve105.

Vanilla , Ruby , Applehead , Pinky and Sweettooth belong to Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD.

The Real Sugar Rush Racers belong to Disney.



Orangela Seedpippy

Applaina Juicelle

Orea Chocomunch

Twister von Schweetz

Galleta Seaclaid

Rumbellah Popperah

Berleena Frostycup

Borovnika Sugerplum

ButterfingerZ DipperstickZ


Chocoanna Creamcoop


Citrusella Flugpucker 

Torvald Batterbutter

Sticky Wipplesnit

Nougestia Brumblestain


Pinky Treat

Sweettooth Treat

Ruby Queen


Vanilla Hatter


The Dark Recolours



It was a normal day in Sugar Rush , the arcade is closed and the Sugar Rush Racers can rest before the Random Roster Race , but something terrible happened , but before we go that terrible day , let's go to the day before that .

Applaina : I can't believe , I actually came 3rd  , this is the best I've done in a while.

  • sees Rumbellah*

Applaina : Well done Rumbellah , you did very well !

Rumbellah : I know I did , because I'm the best !

Applaina : How do you think I did ?

Rumbellah : Well for a loser , you did ok...

Applaina : Oh , Thank you .

Boronika and ButterfingerZ drive in.

Both : Hiya Rumbellah !

Rumbellah : Hi guys !

Boronika : Hey , is the the Green Apple loser tslking to you ? *Laughs*

Applaina : Yes I am , and I'm going to now.

ButterfingerZ : Ok bye Green Girl.

Applaina : *slowly walks away to Orea , Galleta , Orangela and Citrusella*

Applaina : Hi girls !

Galleta : Oh Hi Applaina !

Orangela : Hi my BFF !

Orea : Have you heard the news about Berleena .

Applaina : No , where is she anyway ?

Citrusella : Where throwing her a surprise party for her birthday.

Applaina : Wow , but I think the all sorts might twist things.

Orangela : Yeah , so Orea promised not to tell them.

Orea : That's right.

Citrusella :  So are you coming.

Applaina : Yeah , when is it anyway.

Galleta : Tonight .

Applaina : Ok I'll be there.

Chapter 1

Part 1

  • That Night*

Orea : *on the phone* 

I'm might just make it in time , just need to get past Rumbellah and the others

Orangela : *on the phone* Ok , hurry , Berleena will be here any minute now

Orea : *looks around* The coast is clear *heads towards the door*

  • creak*

Rumbellah : Who's by the door

Orea : Umm me

Rumbellah : Where are you going , Orea

Orea : Do you really care

Rumbellah : Actually No

  • Orea walks out *

Orea : I'll be there in five minutes , this is going to be an awesome party

Boronika : *listening * Party , huh

ButterfingerZ : Rumbellah has to here about this

  • At the party*

Orea : I'm here

Applaina : Great

Torvald runs in

Torvald : She's here

Orangela : Ok everyone in position , do it like we practiced

Berleena walks in angry

Berleena : I can't believe they forgot

Everyone except Berleena : Suprise

Berleena : Oh my

You guys remembered

Citrusella : Course we did

Galleta : *comes in with a cake*

Applaina : Make a wish.

Just as Berleena blows out the candle , the all sorts come in.

Part 2

Rumbellah : Your having a party , without us.

Orangela : Well yeah , cause your bullies, bullies are not allowed !

Applaina : Um Recolours private talk.

Orangela : We can't let them join in , they'll ruin everything.

Applaina : Well we don't now that.

Sticky : Can we trust them.

Applaina : I don't know.

Berleena : I don't like the idea of having bullies at my party.

Applaina : Well , let them stay for 10 minutes and let's see how it goes.

Berleena : *sighs* Ok , but only ten minutes.

Orangela : You can stay , but not for long.

Rumbellah : Ok , We didn't want to say at a loser party .

Orangela : Everyone to the dance floor.

  • Goes to the dance floor *

ButterfingerZ : Hey Nougestia , darling , you wanna dance.

Nougetsia : Sure *starts dancing with Nougestia*

Orea : See there not so bad.

Rumbellah : Hey what were your going you twerp.

Orangela : I'm you the one who can't dance .

  • Orangela and Rumbellah start arguing*

Applaina : I'm going to get punch.

  • drinks punch *

Applaina : That's horrible.

Boronika : Your saying my drink is horrible !

Applaina : *sighs*

ButterfingerZ : Now time for the twirl !

*Twirls Nougetsia into tusic speaker , destroying it *

Sticky : Nougetsia you ok.

Nougestia : I'm fine.

Berleena : My birthday is ruined , and it's all their fault.

  • leaves angry*

Galleta : Berleena waitv!

Rumbellah : Let's go.

Orea : Bye.

Rumbellah , Boronika , ButterfingerZ and Orea leave

Chapter 2

  • At night in Applaina's house*

Applaina : *brushing her hair*

Poor Berleena , today was a disaster .

Oh well , I should get to bed

  • climbs into bed and falls asleep*
  • In the code room*

??? : Teehee.

There gonna pay.

  • weird black stuff surround all the sugar rush racer's codes execpt the recolours *

??? : HAHAHA .

  • Sugar Rush goes completely dark *
  • Applaina wakes up*

Applaina : Huh , It's pitch black.

  • Sugar Rush turns back to normal*

Applaina : I must be seeing things.

  • Goes back to sleep*

Chapter 3

  • In the morning on the starting line*

Applaina : I hope Berleena is ok after last night.

  • Orangela and Galleta walk in , Galleta with a broken arm , Orangela on crutches*

Applaina : Girls what happened ? *in a shocked tone*

Orangela : Taffyta...

Galleta : Owwww

  • Torvald and Sticky walk in , with black eyes*

Sticky : Minty's gone crazy , one minute she treats us like a we're her best friends , now she beats us up !

  • Nougestia and Citrusella walk in , on wheel cars*

Applaina : Oh no , what happened to you two.

Citrusella : I thought Jubi was nice.

Applaina : Guys I'm sure it's just bad luck !

I'll go and talk to Jubi .

  • walks to Jubileena*

Applaina : Hi Jubi.

Jubileena : Don't call me Jubi , you stupid green copy !!!

Applaina : Ok..

So what you doing

  • Jubileena hits Applaina*

Jubileena : None of your business !!

Applaina : Owwww.

Jubileena : Yeah , cry you little baby *Laughs meanly*

Applaina : *runs back to the recolours*

Your right , there bonkers !

Galleta : Something's not right , I mean they usually mistreat us , but this a whole different level

Chapter 4

Applaina : I can't stand this , I'm not going to live in a place where palette swaps like us are treated like dirt.

Nougestia : I think we should leave Sugar Rush.

Torvald : But where would we go.

Orangela : *gets an idea* Meet me at Applaina house in about 2 hours , contant Orea and Berleena , but make sure the all sorts don't find out.

The other recolours : Ok.

  • 2 hours later at Applaina's house*

Citrusella : So what's your big plan.

Orangela : Wait , is the cost clear Orea .

Orea : Yes.

Orangela : Ok so what I've decided is that we leave sugar rush , but we don't leave sugar rush.

The Other Recolours : *looks confused at Orangela*

Orangela : What I mean is , I've located a mysterious island off the coast of sugar rush , so we leave this part of sugar rush , but we don't actually leave the game .

Applaina : Smart thinking.

Orangela : I've also located a boat at the harbour , which set sails tomorrow .

Orea : So were leaving tomorrow .

Orangela : Yes , pack your things girls , we're going for a better life !

Chapter 5

  • At Applaina's house*

Applaina : What to do , What to do . Uhhh this is so annoying , I need some help.

  • The door bell rings , then Applaina rushes down starts opens the door and Chocoanna and Twister are there*

Twister : Hi Applaina

Chocoanna : Hey

Applaina : Hi guys , come in .

  • The girls walk into the living room and sits down on the sofa*

Applaina : Umm , girl can I ask you something .

Chocanna and Twister : Sure

Applaina : Well I know someone , her friends are leaving to go live somewhere else , and she's been invited to come , what should

she do , leave for another place or stay in her home.

Chocoanna : I'll go with her friends , besides friends can be her only chance of happiness .

Twister : I can't really choose , but my advice is to follow her heart , don't let her brain choose.

Applaina : Ok , thanks girls

  • notices Chocoanna bleeding a little*

Applaina : Hey Chocoanna , what happened your bleeding

Chocoanna : I got into a bit of a fight with Snowanna , all the racers execpt the palette swaps have gone crazy today .

Applaina : Well at least not everyone got hurt *looks at Twister*

Twister : Actually ... *moves her left bang , revealing a red mark*

Twister : Vanellope slapped me . I'm starting to think racers don't want palette swaps around

So we're leaving Sugar Rush with Orangela and the others .

Chocoanna : So are you coming , Applaina .

  • There is a few seconds silence*

Applaina : Yes , I am

Chapter 6

  • on the boat*

Applaina : I can't believe we are actually leaving .

Orea :*Sheding tears* I'm really going to miss Rumbellah , Borovnika and Z.Z .

Orangela : It's gonna be ok . I bet we are going to a new paradise , where you will make lot's of new friends , so let's go to our cabin

Galleta : I wonder if Berleena is going to come

Orangela : Well we will be leaving in the next five minutes

Berleena :*appears out of nowhere*

Berleena : Hi guys I'm ready to go

Galleta :*screams* W-Where did y-you come from ?

Berleena : I don't live too far from here .

Orea : Are you still mad at us

Berleena : Not really , but I still want to hit those evil recolours !

  • everyone goes into their cabins*

Orea : *puts up a picture of the All-Sort*

Orea : I miss you guys .... I wish you where here

ButterfingerZ : *appears out a chest* Wish granted

Orea : OMG , Z.Z you came

Borovnika : And Me *comes out of closet*

Orea : Thank you guys for coming

Rumbellah : Uhh this is stupid .

Orea : Rumbellah *hugs her*

Rumbellah : Get off of me *pushes her*

Orea : Guys you need to hide , If Orangela sees you , she will freak , you guys need to hide again .

ButterfingerZ : I want to see Nougestia and I'm hungry

Borovnika : Me too

Orea : Don't worry I have a plan

  • knocks on door*

Orea : Hide !

ButterfingerZ , Borovnika and Rumbellah hides

Twister :*opens door* You ok , Orea , you seems really upset

Orea : Yes , I'm fine thanks , I've moved on now

Twister : Ok that's good , if you ever feel upset , you can always come talk to me , I'm here for you !

Orea : Thanks Twister , your a good friend .

Chapter 7

  • At the dinner table*

Orangela : Ok , guys let's make a toast to new life

Everyone : To new life *Everyone clanks their glasses and then starts eating*

Orea : Ummm , Orangela is it ok if I can eat in my room ?

Orangela : Sure

Orea : *stands up , takes plate , gets a little bit more food and walks away*

Orea : *in her room* Hey guys , I got some food .

Butterfingerz : Thank goodness , I'm starving *snatchs some food from Orea*

Borovnika : *takes some off the plate and starts eating it*

Rumbellah : I'd rather starve myself then eat food made by those palette swaps.

Orea : I know you want it .

Rumbellah : And I know were leaving *grabs Boronvika and ButterfingerZ*

Borovnika : We are not leaving without Orea.

Rumbellah : Ugh , why do you care about her some much , she's not even a bully !

ButterfingerZ : Because Orea helps me get to know Nougestia , who I want

  • Applaina , Chocoanna and Galleta open Orea's door*

Orea : Uh oh .

Chocoanna : What are they doing here.

Galleta : Bullies are not allowed.

Rumbellah : If you tell that Orange Freak , I'll -

Orea : Let me handle this , Rumbellah , Guys please don't tell Orangela , she will hate me forever .

Applaina : Well...

Orea : *does puppy eyes*

Chocoanna : Ok ok , we won't tell.

Orea : Yay , thanks guys

Galleta : No problem , we'll leave you in peace *closes the door*

  • Twister , Torvald and Berleena walk by*

Twister : So what was the noise ?

Applaina : Orea dropped something.

Torvald : So once she dropped it she started arguing with herself ?

Galleta : Yeah...

Berleena : Interesting....

Chapter 8

(That night )

Orea : What a day ....

I'm so tired , night guys.

Borovnika : Night...

(Orea realise that ButterfingerZ and Rumbellah)

Orea : Rumbellah ? Z.Z ?

Boronvika : They snuck out.

Orea : Oh my gosh , this is very bad ! Do you know where they went.

Boronvika : Rumbellah said she was leaving this nightmare and Z.Z... Well I think you can guess that !

Orea : Ok , stay in her !

(Orea dashes out of her room)


ButterfingerZ : Hey Nougestia.

Nougestia : Oh my...Z.Z , how did you get here ?

ButterfingerZ : I snuck on. with Rumbellah and Borovnika.

Nougestia : There here too ?

ButterfingerZ : Yes , and your gonna keep it a secret right ?

Nougestia : Su-

(Just then , Citrusella , Torvald and Berleena walk in)

Berleena : It's him , one of the All Sorts !

Torvald : Get him !

ButterfingerZ : Oh , got to run , bye (kisses Nougestia on the cheek and climbs out the window)

Nougestia : (blushes)

Citrusella : He's getting away ! (runs after him with the others)


Rumbellah : Where are the escape boats ?

Twister : Hello ? Is someone down here ?

Galleta : I'm sure there isn't .

Rumbellah : Ummm no one !

Twister : There's definitely someone here !

Galleta and Twister : (starts looking)

Rumbellah : ( comes out from a corner and scares Twister)

Twister : (screams and runs out of the room)

Rumbellah : Ok , Seaclaid , tell me where the boats are or you'll never hear the end of this .

Galleta : Eek (runs away after Twister)

Rumbellah : Come back here you scaredy cat ! (runs after her)

(In the main hall)

Chocoanna : Did you hear the news ? They've found out about the All Sorts !

Applaina : Oh no , this is terrible .

Orangela : (stamps in shouting) What's all this noise , shouldn't you all be in bed ?

Twister : Me and Galleta saw Rumbellah !

Citrusella : And we found ButterfingerZ !

Orea : Uh oh ....

Orangela : Orea , did you have anything to do with this ?

Orea : Ummmm , yes , I'm so sorry , I can't be without them , Rumbellah , Boronvika and Z.Z are also my friends !

All the other recolours : (gulps and steps back)

Orangela : (walks over to Orea looking furious)

Orea : I'm so sorry Orangela ....

ButterfingerZ : Don't you dare hurt her !

Boronvika : (glares at Orangela)

Orangela : Shut up , you stowaways !

(Before anything else happened there were some loud thudding)

Everyone : Huh ?

Chocoanna : What's that ?

Sticky : It's a monster ! Were gonna die ! (screams)

'Chapter 9

Orangela : Girls , get behind me ! (goes up to the door with a pan and opens the door to see a girl , similar looking to Candlehead was there covered in feathers)

Chocoanna : Wait a minute , I know who that is !

All of them : It's Milkhead !

Milkhead : Woah , your smarter than I thought .

Orangela : What are you doing here , not bullies aloud.

Milkhead : Correction , you said the All Sorts weren't aloud , besides , I didn't want to be here , I was watching you and I fell in a crate of feathers.

Citrusella and Torvald : (giggles) Silly girl...

Milkhead : (says furiously) What did you say ?

Citrusella : Oh nothing.

Milkhead : Good !

Twister : Guys , we got some more bad news...

Orangela : What ? Isn't having 4 horrible people on the ship enough !

Twister : It's worse , we are heading straight for a storm !

Applaina : I tried to steer us away , but it's too strong ! ButterfingerZ : So were all going to drown ?

Rumbellah : Not us (grabs ButterfingerZ and Borovnika and dashes out onto an escape boat)

Orangela : It's too late to steer the ship away , we need to jump off the boat !

Berleena : What ? No !

Galleta : We'll drown !

Applaina : We have to take the risk !

Twister : Wait a minute , there are 2 more boats

Milkhead : (grabs on of them ) See ya loser (sticks her tongue out and runs out of the boat)

Applaina : Not all of us can fit in that one boat !

Nougestia : Eek ! The ship is leaking !

Orangela : Forget the boat , just jump ! (grabs Applaina and Orea and jumps)

Orea : Help !

Twister : (grabs Galleta and Sticky and jumps)

The remaining recolours : (jump off the boat)

(All the recolours find a plank of wood to hold on to)

Orea : It's so...cold.

(Suddenly someone grabs Orea and lifts her into the boat)

Boronvika : Are you ok ?

Orea : Yeah..

Rumbellah : Now , let's watch those colour copies drown !

ButterfingerZ : Oh no ! Were heading straight for the vortex !

Orea : (gasps)

Orangela : There's a water vortex , quick paddle .

(Everyone tries there best to paddle but fails)

Applaina : It's not use !

(Suddenly the vortex get stronger and starts to pull the recolours down)

Applaina : (as she gets sucked down) This is probably the day I die !

Galleta : (as she gets sucked down) Help !

Milkhead : (says as she goes down) I didn't releases I was going down !

(Suddenly everyone is sucked through the vortex)

Orangela : Goodbye World.... (as she gets sucked down)

(All the recolours become unconscious )

(A while after)

Orangela : Uhhh....where am I ?

??? : Oh my gosh ,your alive !

Orangela : What ?

??? : I thought you were dead and I was all alone .

Orangela : Who are you ?

??? : Oh , I'm Pinky.

Chapter 10

Orangela : So your looking for your sister ?

Pinky : Yeah , I felt all alone since I lost her , I don't even know if she's alive !

Orangela : I'm looking for my friends and others .

Pinky : Others ?

Orangela : By others , I mean bullies , I despise them , hey , how about I make a deal , if you help me find my friends and others ,I will help you find your sister !

Pinky : Yes ! All I want is Sweettooth !

Orangela and Pinky : (shakes hand and starts walking)

Orangela : By the way , I'm Orangela.

Pinky : Oh , Orangela Seedpippy ?

Orangela : Wait , how did you know .

Pinky : I heard people talk about you , so sound so awesome !

Orangela : Thanks kid .

(Suddenly there is a rustle in a bush)

Pinky : Who's there ?

Orangela : Don't worry , I'll protect you !

(Suddenly the bush rustles)

Orangela : (gets a log)

(Suddenly Twister , Galleta and Applaina come running out)

Orangela : Girls ! I'm so glad to see you (hugs them)

Twister : There was a monster chasing us !

Galleta : and it's definitely not Gloster !

Applaina : Who's she ?

Pinky : I'm Pinky.

Orangela : We are looking for her big sister , and we need help to find her , can you guys help me find her ?

Applaina : But we still need to look other recolours !

Twister : How about me and Galleta look for the others , while Applaina and you look for her sister ?

Galleta and Orangela : Agreed.

Twister : Come on , Galleta !

(Galleta and Twister walk off)

Orangela : Come on guys , it may be a while !

Pinky : Thank you guys so much for the help !

(Pinky , Applaina and Orangela walk the opposite way)

(Behind a bush)

Knifeanna : Goblina , did you see that ?

Goblina : (filing her nails)

Knifeanna : Gobby ! Focus , we can't disappoint Cavity ! I just saw a couple of silly colour copies , apparently , there are more copies here.

Goblina : Really ? We must report to Cavity at once !

(Goblina and Knifeanna start floating and they fly away)

Chapter 11

Pinky : I really hope we can find Sweettooth ...

Orangela : Don't worry kid , you'll be with your sister in no time.

Applaina : I just hope the others are ok !

Orangela : Well I at least hope Berleena , Chocoanna and Orea are ok...

Pinky : I wonder if we can ask someone for directions ?

Orangela : Yeah , but who is there to ask ? The trees ? We are the only ones here !

??? : Who goes there ?

Applaina : Ah ! It's a monster , please don't hurt us !

??? : Correction : It's a recolour ! and why would I hurt you ?

(A black and purple Taffyta recolour jumps out of the tree)

??? : I'm Ruby Queen !

Applaina : Ruby Queen ? Your royalty ?

Ruby : Well sort of , I'm related to the evil queen in a way.

Pinky : Your related to a evil queen ? (gets scared)

Ruby : Yes, but I'm not like her ! I'm nicer !

Orangela : How can we be sure ?

Ruby : Hey do you have a sister called Sweettooth ?

Pinky : Yes , why ?

Ruby : She's with my friends !

Pinky : Oh my gosh ! Can you take us there ?

Ruby : Sure , follow me !

(Applaina , Pinky and Orangela follow Ruby , meanwhile)

Twister : Did you see that thing that was ?

Galleta : Not really... , but it kind of looked like a black , red and grey recolour of Taffyta !

(Suddenly the two hear voices)

Voice : HELP !

(The girls run into a clearing with Orea and Sticky in it)

Orea : (with a huge chocolate log on her leg) Help girls , my legs are killing me with this log !

Twister : (grabs the log and tries to roll it off but fails)

Galleta : Let me help ! (grabs the other end and rolls it off with Twister)

Sticky : (on a candy cane tree) Twist ! Galleta ! Help I'm going to fall !

Galleta : (looks at some candy floss and brings it over to the tree)

Twister : Let go !

Sticky : I can't let go !

Twister : Trust me !

(Sticky reluctantly lets go and falls onto the candy floss)

Sticky : Thanks girls !

Twister : Wait a minute , I just had a great idea , maybe we could use this clearing as a base camp !

Orea : I like what your thinking Twister !

Galleta : Well what are we waiting for ? Let's get some resources for our base camp !

(The girls start walking around the area )

Chapter 12

(In a clearing in the middle of the island)

Rumbellah : Get off me you creepy and insane recolour !

(Ruby , Orangela , Pinky and Applaina walk into the clearing)

Ruby : I'm back.

Applehead : There you are ! What took you so long ?

Ruby : I got a bit bored so I decided to hang in the trees for a while.

??? : Pinky ! Is that you ?

Pinky : Oh my... Sweettooth !

(Pinky runs over to her but stops and gasp)

Pinky : What happened to you ?

Sweettooth : (covered in clown makeup and a rainbow wig) She happened .... (points at a Vanellope recolour who is smearing something on to Rumbellah's face)

Rumbellah : Don't touch my beautiful face , you hag !

Ruby : Stop it , Vanilla , I don't think she likes it.

Vanilla : Awwwth you always spoilth my fun.

Rumbellah : (sneaks out and runs away)

Sweettooth : (hugs Pinky) I'm so glad your safe .

Pinky: (says while crying) I missed you so much !

Applaina : Isn't that sweet , two sisters reunites.

Orangela : You think everything is sweet.

Ruby : Sorry about Vanilla , she's really crazy !

Sweettooth : (looks at Applaina and Orangela suspiciously) Pinky , what did I tell you about stranger danger ?

Pinky : Oh no , you are mistaken , they helped me find you.

Sweettooth : Oh (looks at Orangela and Applaina again) I got my eye on you two .

Orangela : (sighs) Well our work here is done , come on Applaina , we need to find Twister and Galleta.

Pinky : Wait , me and Sweettooth want to come with you two , considering we both want to get off the island , we might as well work together.

Applaina : Sure , but your sister might want to remove the make up.

Sweettooth : (yanks the wig off and throws it to the ground)

Vanilla : Da wig was nice on you Sugartooth

Sweettooth : My name is Sweettooth.

Ruby : Orangela , Same with Vanilla and I , can we come ? , I don't really want to be around Applehead , considering were not the best of friends.

Vanilla : Yes . No . Maybe So.

Orangela : Ok that's fine I guess

(Applaina , Orangela , Vanilla , Ruby , Pinky and Sweettooth walk out of the clearing)

Applehead : Fine , you rebels can go play around while I have to do all the work !

(Suddenly grey smoke appears out of nowhere and circles Applehead)

Applehead : (screams)

After a while the screaming stopped and the smoke had cleared up , Applehead was gone.

Chapter 13

After hours of searching Applaina , Orangela , Pinky , Sweettooth , Ruby and Vanilla found Twister and Sticky making beds out of pastries and Galleta and Orea making a fire.

Orea : Welcome back .

Galleta : Did you find anyone ?

Applaina : Yes and No. We found some other characters but none of the ones we've been looking for , this Sweettooth , Pinky , Ruby and Vanilla

Galleta : Oh.... Umm.. hi

Twister : We've finished the beds !

Sticky : and Orea found some wrappers.

Twister : Pinky , Sweettooth , Vanilla and Ruby , I'm sorry we didn't prepare a bed for you. We weren't expecting-

Ruby : It's no problem , me and Vanilla can make some sleeping arrangements.

Vanilla : It ok.... Along as I can have my tea every hour !

Twister : Umm Vanilla , I hate to disappoint , but I highly doubt there are kettles on this island.

Orangela : I highly doubt there's any electricity...

Vanilla : Awwwwwwww... that means no tea ! I know (smiles) I'm gonna go on a tea hunt ! (Vanilla runs off)

Orangela : ...

Ruby : Nevermind her , I'm gonna go after her , bye ! (Ruby runs off)

Sweettooth : Pinky and I will find our own places to sleep, thanks for offering.

(Sweettooth and Pinky leave and everyone else gets into their bed)

(Everyone says goodnight and falls asleep , meanwhile...)

Rattyta : (watching in a tree with Toxichead and Rancid)

Toxichead : Can we catch them now , I'm getting bored !

Rancid : (communicates by telepathy) I agree.

Rattyta : We have to wait until there fast asleep , one bad move and Cavity's entire plan will be ruined and you know how bad Cavity's punishment are... But we should get into position , so be ready !

Rancid : (telepathy) Right.

Toxichead : Got it !

(Toxichead and Rancid float off)

Chapter 14

The next morning

Applaina : (yawns) Morning Guys....

??? : Silence !

Applaina : Huh ?

A red , grey and black Swizzle recolour stares at Applaina in anger.

The Swizzle recolour : Silence , prisoner !

Applaina : Prisoner ? (Applaina looks around in to find herself in a prison with all the other recolours locked up in other cages)

Torvald : Let us go , you kidnapper !

The Swizzle recolour : (gets a liquorice whip and hits Torvald with it) If you continue this whining , you'll get the whip , got it ? (shouting)

Twister : There's no need for this violence and shouting , could you just let us out and let us talk this out ?

Swizzle recolour  : Let me think... No !

A Jubileena recolour walks in and talks to the Swizzle recolour

Jubileena recolour : Kwizzle , Cavity is ready to see them.

Kwizzle : Yes Bloodileena, I'll get them ready.

(Kwizzle opens all the recolour's cage and drags everyone out wrapping there hands in liqourice)

Rumbellah : Let go of me , you freak !

Kwizzle : You can come with us or stay in your cage.

Bloodileena : Kwizzle , you take the others , I'll deal with her.

Borovnika and ButterfingerZ : We are not leaving if Rumbellah isn't going.

Orea : I would come but I'm going to stay loyal to my friends , so I'm not going to go either. Sorry.

Milkhead : If they don't have to go , I'm not going !

Citrusella and Torvald : We're not going either !

Kwizzle : Silence ! (yelling) Bloodileena , take care of these fools who have defied us.

Kwizzle : (takes the remaining recolours into a hallway that has no doors other than the prison doors and a mysterious door)

Applaina : (whispering) Where are they taking us ?

Chocoanna : (whispering) I don't know , but I'm sure everything will be fine since we have each other...

Sticky : (whispers and starts shedding tears)Guys , I'm scared... What if they want to hurt us ?

Twister : (whispers) Sticky , everything will be fine , I won't let them get away with hurting my friends.

(As they exit the hallway , they enter an large mine-like area and as they go deeper in , they see more recolours smirking at them evilly , that is all but one , an Adorabeezle recolour who looks concerned for the recolours).

Kwizzle : Cavity , I have bought you our prisoners.

(The recolours see a Vanellope recolour with the same colour scheme as Kwizzle and the other recolours in the mine sitting on a throne)

Cavity : Hello and welcome to my island known as the Recolours Island , I've been expecting you...

Chapter 15

Applaina : What do you mean by that ?

Berleena : And who are you and what gives you the right to lock us up like animals (she says in an angry tone).

Cavity : Calm down , I'm not going to hurt you... My name is Cavity von Sour and I rule this island and the dark recolours.

Chocoanna: Dark Recolours ?

Cavity : All the recolours you see with red , grey and black colour scheme are Dark Recolours. We knew you were coming because remember the storm ? It was all are doing !

Berleena : Wait , so you created the storm ?

Cavity : Yes , Bloodileena is a expert when it comes to making machines Anyways we brought you here for a reason.

Twister : Which is ?

Cavity : You left the mainland because you didn't like how you were being treated, correct ?

Orangela : Yes.

Cavity : Well , we've dedicated ourselves to finding ways for non recoloured racers to be treated better. Repeatdely we've been called copies , unoriginal and worthless. Well I want to put those racers in their place. Show them that recolours can be just as good as they are.I would like to ask you to join my cause and together we can dominate Sugar Rush and the arcade and get the respect we deserve !

Twister : What ? Why would we help you take over Sugar Rush ? I mean , they may of treated us badly in the past and recolours might not be respected as much , but there's no reason to go rogue on them after all, they are still our friends !

Chocoanna : Plus you could just easily betray us !

Cavity : (stand up and shouts in anger while repeatedly glitching) You fools ! We are trying to help all recolours get respect and you say no ? Fine but you might want to see this ...

(As the dim-lit mine brightens , the recolours see Applehead, Vanilla, Ruby, Pinky and Sweettooth locked in cages high up)

Applehead : Get me out of here !

Ruby : Help please !

Vanilla : They took my tea !

Pinky : (crying) I'm so scared....

Sweettooth : You'll be fine Pinky. (hugging her)

Cavity : If you ever reconsider , let me now but for now. Adorakiller ! (yells)

Adorakiller : (floats over) Yes , Cavity ?

Cavity : You and Bloodileena take them back to the jail cells !

Adorakiller : Yes right.

Adorakiller and Bloodileena leads them back to the jail cells and locks them up again and Bloodileena floats away.

Adorakiller : I'm really sorry that we have to do this to you but I promise I will free you guys. (floats out)

Applaina : Is it me or is there some odd about those Dark Recolours.

Twister : Yes, very odd.

Sticky : I don't think they're recolours.

Berleena : They're definietly recolours.

Chocoanna : Yeah but I think there is more to them than we already know.

Chapter 16

(Back in the main part of Sugar Rush in the castle with Vanellope , Pepster and Melody)

Vanellope : This is madness, one minute the game is full of recolours , next minute there all gone.

Pepster : Vanellope , when will Twister be back , I know Twister isn't the type who would just turn her back on us.

Vanellope : I'm not sure.

(Suddenly the Oreo guards , Wynchel and Duncan, a Vanellope recolour and a Taffyta recolour walk into the throne room)

Melody : What do you guys want ?

Duncan : Miss President , we have two visitors claiming to know about your sister.

Melody : But don't you even find them the slightest bit supiscious , I mean there grey , black and red recolours of Taffyta and my sister !

Rattyta: (floats over to Melody) Silence brat !

Wynchel : (get out taser and shoots at Rattyta)

(As the taser wires hit Rattyta , nothing happens)

Wynchel : Huh ? The taser is not working !

Rattyta : (crushes the taser cable and hisses at Wynchel and Duncan)

Vanellope: Everyone stop ! Wynchel , Duncan, guards please leave.

Duncan : Yes Miss President...

(Duncan, Wynchel and the Oreo Guards leave the throne room)

Cavity : Sorry about my accomplice she's tempered...

Vanellope : Like a certain Muttonfudge I know.

Rattyta : Here is your information on your sister's disappearance.

(Rattyta puts a sugar cube like object on the floor and a hologram of Twister appears)

Hologram Twister : Hello my beloved sisters, we haven't seen each other for a while now , I disappeared because someone kidnapped me and I don't really know where I am but don't worry about me , I will find my way back to you (the hologram ends).

Pepster : (gasps) You know where Twister is ? Please tell us !

Rattyta : We will, but on one condition...

Vanellope : Which is ?

Cavity : Give us the special rock.

Melody : You seriously want a rock ?

Cavity : It's not any old rock.

Vanellope : Ok ... Sour Bill , fetch me that rock !

(A moment later , Sour Bill comings in with a black rock and hands it to Vanellope which she hands to Cavity)

Cavity : Yes... now Rattyta, dispose of these royal nuisances , we have to get the castle ready for it's revival and arrival.

Pepster , Melody and Vanellope: Wait , what ?

Rattyta : (creates a portal that sucks Pepster , Melody and Vanellope in to)

Vanellope's voice in the portal : This is not over.

(The portal closes)

Rattyta : Now , I will report back to the island to inform the others.

Cavity : Excellent (laughs evily) It's time to take over this arcade.

Chapter 17 Coming Soon.

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