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N/A PokéFriends

The Journey Begins is the first episode of Adventures in Sugar Rush.


The scene begins in a dark room, with some moviment coming from a bed.

???: Morning Twister!

Twister: *Yawns* Morning Vanellope..

Vanellope: So, how's the feeling?

Twister: Huh? What do you mean?

Vanellope: Today you're getting your first Pokémon!

Twister: Oh yeah, that..

Vanellope: Come on, get up and take the breakfast, quick! You gotta be at Professor Pepper's lab in 45 minutes to get your Pokémon!

Twister: Ok ok, don't worry, Vanellope!

Vanellope: Ok, just be sure to be there at time!

Vanellope walks off the room. Twister slowly get's up and walks into the kitchen.

Sour Bill: Good morning, Ms. Von Schweetz.

Twister: Morning Bill. *Sits in a chair and starts eating the breakfast*

Sour Bill: How's the breakfast?

Twister: Good.

Vanellope walks in the kitchen already dressed up.

Vanellope: Come on Twister, you only have 15 minutes!

Twister: Ok ok i'm coming! 

Twister get's up and walks into her room. Some minutes later, Twister get's out of them room already dressed up.

Vanellope: Let's go!

Sour Bill: Goodbye! Be sure to be back before lunch!

Vanellope walks off with Twister. Both then enter Vanellope's kart that drives into a street between Cakeway and the Chocolate River.

Professor Pepper: Oh, there you are, Twister!

Twister: Hello Professor Pepper!

Vanellope: Good morning, Professor.

Professor Pepper: Good morning, president! So, Twister, are you here for your first Pokémon?

Twister: Yes, yes!

Professor Pepper: Ok. Please, come inside.

Vanellope, Twister and Professor Pepper walk inside Professor Pepper's lab.

Vanellope: Wow, last time i was here i was 7 years old!

Professor Pepper: Ok Twister, in this table, there are 3 Pokéballs. Each has a Pokémon, and you will have to choose a Pokémon to be your very first one.

Twister: Which are the Pokémons i can choose between?

Professor Pepper: Well, in this Pokéball, there is a Charmander, the Fire-Type Pokémon. In this Pokéball, there is a Piplup, the Water-Type Pokémon. And in this Pokéball, there is a Snivy, the Grass-Type Pokémon.

Twister: Erm.. well...

Professor Pepper: Don't worry, sweetie. Take all the time you want.

Some minutes later, Twister finally decides what Pokémon she wants.

Twister: Snivy! I choose Snivy!

Professor Pepper: Ok, here you go!

Professor Pepper slowly picks up one of the Pokéballs, and gives it into Twister.

Professor Pepper: Take good care of it! Oh and between, it's a female. For now i'll leave the rest with your older sister. You know, she was already a great Pokémon Trainer!

Vanellope: Come on Twister, let's go! 

Twister: Bye Professor Pepper! Thank you so much!

Vanellope: Bye!

Vanellope and Twister walk off the lab.

Twister. Yay! I got my first Pokémon!

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