"Oh wow, Sugar Rush hasn't changed a bit". 

The Lost Glitch was one of the main characters in Sugar Rush, but then she was considered as a glitch. She was kind back then, but when she was a glitch, she became cold-blooded and full of rage. Her real name was a unsual name which was Marshall. The creators of Sugar Rush made her a boy, but she didn't want to be a guy so she changed her gender with her glitch. She has no theme. 


Full Name: Marshall

Nickname: The Lost Glitch

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Glitch

Game: Sugar Rush

Likes: Racing, going turbo, scaring others and glitching.

Dislikes: Show-offs, Taffyta and being bored. 

Theme Song: Lavendar Town (Original ver.)


The Lost Glitch: "Trouble-Maker"

The Lost Glitch is a feiry girl with a short-temper. She claims to be misunderstood and lonely, since she has no friends and most people have hated her over the years. She was okay at first but then she caught a glitch. The creators of the game banned her from being in the arcade, so then her life had fallen apart. 


Creepy Crawler

Speed: 91% 

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