The Racetime Adventure is made by Ann Swamitran,AKA Trovlard. This fanfic contains adventure, romance just like 1% of this fanfic, so close your eyes a while, and its kinda for adventure people. Movin' on!











Trovlard: Another day of racing. Pamellope, if you don't wanna miss the PB&J sandwich, get moving. *Gloyd Yawns* Gloyd: oh come on Trovlard!                                                                                       Pamellope: Noooooooo!!!!!!!! I want my PB&J!!!!!                                                                             Balary: Sucky.

Trovlard went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, and Gloyd was hugging her waist. Trovlard: Oh please! Stop hugging my waist for some reason, and i hate huggies!!

Gloyd: Nope i am never gonna let go.

Pamellope: *munching away a peanut butter and jelly sandwich* you guys know that you will be in big time trouble if my brother finds out.

*Trovlard pushes Gloyd on the floor* Trolard: that will happen if he come now. i am so pissed off.

Gloyd: 5 hours before arcade opens! Bullrush everybody!!! Trovlard, your out.

Trovlard:  *walks to the lollipop meadows* Bullrush Gloyd!!!

*Gloyd runs, Trovlard catches him and topple him over, and took off his hat*

Gloyd: Hey!

*Trovlard sticks her tounge out, then Gloyd pounces on her and hugged her, again*

Trovlard: stop it before i tear your lame hat apart.

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