Sweety Tart

Sweety Tart

Sweety is a fan fiction created by Gumantha Popkins. She is obviously Sweet Tart themed and she is an okay Racer who usually comes in 4th or 5th place. Her fan stand colors are blue purple and pink and her fans are Sweet tarts in various colors (yum!).


Sweety is nice but suspicous of newcomers and is short tempered. she likes exploring parts of Sugar Rush and hopes that someday they will have a grand Race on a different island somewhere out in that sea. Sweety is great friends with Nougetsia and Jubileena and dislikes Rancis and Crumbelina because of their spoiled personalities. When Sweety puts her mind to something she never gives up and embraces failing by learning from her mistakes instead of pouting. She can b difficult when in a bad mood but soon gets over it.


Sweety has light pink hair with fair skin and one light blue eye and one light purple eye. She has two sweet tart accents in her hair with sweet tart earings. She has a vest that;s blue on the right and purple on the left with blue colored buttons over a blue and purple striped shirt that's purple on the right and blue on the left. she has pink shorts that match her hair and blue and purple stockings that are again, blue on right, and purple on left (matching the vest). And at last she has two different shoes blue on right and purple on left.


Many people would describe her as mean but thats only when she is in a bad mood, but of course she's short tempered and can be quite a hand-full if not dealt with right. Even though she's  mean when she's mad when she's in a good mood she's relatively nice. She likes hanging out by that canon on top of the cake mountain trail and isn't really afraid of jumping off. She's reletively pretty, and can handle getting her hands dirty or losing a race which is something good (unlike Taffyta). She's nice once you get too know her, but if you get in her way, you'll regret it.


Her Kart is similar to a Sweet Tarts wrapper itself. It is a Gigantic Sweet Tarts Wrapper with Candy Wheels and a candy seat and steering wheel. Her Kart is called the Sweet Kart.



  • She has some similarities to Taffyta
  • She and Vanellope could also be similar as they are both difficult to handle

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