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Sour Patches

The trio Twizzer Vin Likrice, Orangina, and Jawson Braker and bullies of all of Sugar Rush.

These three mostly hang out in the Junkyard in a fortified fortress made by Jawson who was ordered by Twizzer to make. This is where their home base of operations take place for their next scams or schemes. Twizzer is the head schemer, Jawson is the muscle, and Orangina is the brains.

Twizzer Vin Likrice

Twizzer Vin Likrice


Main article: Twizzer Vin Likrice

Twizzer is a new racer to Sugar Rush. He is a hard core racer and a very tough opponet to come across. He tends to play dirty by using his licorice vines and whips to gain himself an advantage. He is a rude and cocky racer who will stop at nothing to get his prize.

Jawson Braker

Jawson Braker


Main article: Jawson Braker

Jawson is a fanon character in Sugar Rush. He is not very smart, but his strength makes up for what brains he lacks. He always wears jawbreaker padded gloves and pads on his elbows and knees. He likes to show his toughness both outside and in.




Main article: Orangina

Orangina is one of the newest racers that came to Sugar Rush, she along with Twizzer and Jawson, and she is considered a Sour Patch. While she is very smart and very polite, nobody likes her because she hangs out with Twizzer and Jawson.

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