"Caution! This fanfiction is being discontinued!"
The Sour Pixiez Vs. The Cottines is a fanfic by Monster High Vs Bratzillaz XD.


Floss Cottine and her younger brother Freddie Cottine fights to get their sister back from the sour pixiez stealing her forever.

Chapter 1

Floss: *Hangs up decorations in her house* Almost done putting up your Birthday Party decorations for tonight,Freddie! *to Freddie*

Freddie: YAY!

Floss: Come on let's walk to shop and get you a Birthday cake from the store! *Calls up stairs* FLUFFY,COME ON! WE ARE GONNA GET FREDDIE A BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Fluffy: (Runs down the stairs) Coming!

  • They leave the house.
  • While walking to the store they see Lexi,Samuel and Vico.

Lexi: Oh look if it isn't the idiotic fluff? *to Fluffy*

Fluffy: (Blushes and backs away)

Floss: What do you want from her?!

Lexi: Why would we tell you that?! *to Floss* (Pushes past Fluffy and walks off laughing)

Floss: Weidos...

  • Floss buys Birthday Cake and walks home.

Floss: *to Fluffy* Fluffy,I am going to take you deep into the woods to practise your bullying tests...

Fluffy: Erm...all right...

  • In the woods.

Floss: Right then,the first step of bullying is to have an evil grin on your face...

  • All of a sudden a hooded figure with bright green creepy eyes catches Fluffy's attention behind the bushes.

Fluffy: (Get's drawn to the hooded figure and follows it deep into the woods)

Floss: (Notices the hooded figure and Fluffy walking away into the woods) HEY FLUFFY,DON'T FOLLOW THAT THING! (Grabs Freddie) Come on Freddie! (Runs after Fluffy and the hooded figure)

Hooded Figure: (Walks up to a cave in the woods and then looks at Fluffy) Come in here,Fluffy my dear!

Fluffy: (Slowly walks towards the cave,then has her doubts) Actually...I think I may go back to Freddie and Floss-(Hooded Figure grabs Fluffy and yanks her in the cave)

Fluffy: (Screams loudly)

Floss and Freddie: (Sees Fluffy getting yankes into the cave)

Floss: OMG! FLUFFY?!

Freddie: FLUFFY?!

(From the cave) Fluffy: (Screaming loudly)

Chapter 2

  • In the cave.

Hooded Figure: Hello Fluffy Cottine,welcome to the cave of the Sour Pixiez! I am Spirit Mc'Black!

Fluffy: (tied up) what do you want from me?

Spirit: Hahahaha! Why would I tell you that? First,there is someone I would like you see...

Taffyta: (Walks out of the shadows with a skull tatoo on her face and a pink lighting bolt tatoo on her face and dressed in a different outfit and with straighter hair and with pixie tights and pixie boots)

Fluffy: Taffyta?! What happened to you?!

Taffyta: (Turns her back to Fluffy as Taffyta shows Fluffy some Pink and Purple pixie wings on Taffyta's back)

Fluffy: Wings?!!!!!!!!

Spirit: Yes Fluffy,and soon you will have them too!

Fluffy: What?!

(Lexi,Samuel,Vico and PepperLina walk out of the shadows and has wings too)

Spirit: Time to make you join the club,Fluffy! (Zaps Fluffy)

Fluffy: *screams*

  • Floss and Freddie waiting outside the cave.

Freddie: What if some forest monsters caught her?!

Floss: She will be fine,Freddie!

  • All of a sudden Fluffy walks out of the cave with a new look and a rude look on her face.

Floss: Hey Fluffy! Where the heck were you?!

Fluffy: Did you just adress me?!

Floss: Erm...yes I did! Answer me,Fluffy!

Fluffy: Shut up,glitch!

Floss: Excuse me?!


Fluffy: GET OFF ME,GLITCH! (Pushes Freddie away)

Freddie: Woah,your attitude has sure changed...

Fluffy: SHUT UP!

Floss: That's it! Fluffy,we are going home! You are grounded!



Fluffy: SPIRIT! COME ON! *Calls into cave*

Spirit: (Comes out with Lexi,PepperLina,Samuel,Vico and Taffyta)


Taffyta: Hey Floss! Wheres your wings? Oh wait your not cool enough to have them!

Floss: (Grabs Fluffy)

Fluffy: GET OFF ME GLITCH! (Bites Floss)

Floss: OUCH! (Let's Fluffy go)

All the pixiez: (Fly away)

Floss: Fluffy,is a pixie?!

Chapter 3

This fanfiction is being discountinued.For the following reasons:

1) It has been inactive for months.

2) Other fanfictions are being made.

3) Another fanfiction is being made in the future to take it's place.

Thank you for reading!

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