The Sour Shadows are the evil shadow-sides of Melody,Twister,Mark,Vanellope,Melissa,Taffyta,Fluffy,Grace & Lily in The Sour Situation:17 sweet wishes,who Growler  summoned up to take over Melody's code.

Swister Von Schweetz

Swister Von Schweetz is Twister Von Schweetz,evil shadow side.Swister is the leader of the sour shadow group (behind Growler) she is very tough and the total oppisite of Twister.Swister despises Twister.Swister always wants to be in charge.



Smelody Von Schweetz

Smelody Von Schweetz
Smelody Von Schweetz is Melody's evil shadow-side.Smelody often get's bullied by the other shadows,because of her clumsliness.Smelody even admits that she likes Melody and doesn't want to hurt her in any way.

Smellope Von Schweetz

Smellope is Vanellope's evil shadow and is very grumpy and snappy.She tends to mock other shadows just to annoy them.

Smark O'Cream

Smark O'Cream
Smark O'Cream is Mark O'Cream's evil shadow.Smark seems to be relaxed and chilled.He seems to lounge about.He is used to making brand new shadow friends,even though he is not very talkitive.

Smelissa Gummy-Goober

Smelissa Gummy-Goober
Smelissa is Melissa Gummy-Goober's evil shadow.Smelissa is not easy to amuse.She likes to trick people.

Sluffy Cottine

Sluffy is Fluffy Cottine's evil shadow.She is very smart and always comes up with great evil ideas.She is a minor shadow in 17 Sweet Wishes,so not much is known about her.

Smaffyta Muttonfudge

Smaffyta Muttonfudge
Smaffyta is Taffyta's evil shadow.It is said she loves to make genie clothes and lives in the shadows of November & Growler's genie lanturn.

Shace Charmlet

Shace is Grace Charmlet's evil shadow.She is a sassy drama Queen and likes loads of attention.She hates Grace's soul and thinks that Grace should know what it feels like to be a shadow.

Shily Melonz

Shily is Lily Melonz' evil shadow.Shily is hyper and tends to annoy the other shadows,but Shily loves mimicing Lily and also picking on Smelody.

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